Playground tag

Hi! I'm Hadley. I'm age 19 and play competitive softball. My sister Jennifer is 21 and has a daughter that is 3 and her name is Emily .I'm going to take my niece to the playground today. She said they just added swings and a big swirly slide and she hasn't been to the new parts. I told her that I had softball practice later that day so I would take her earlier. She thought it was a good idea. What I haven't told her yet is that 5 hot boys always hang out together there. What will happen when Hadley plays tag with her niece and the 5 boys join. What will happen if she gets hurt or pulled on to fast? To find out read my movella playground tag.


6. Authors noteOrry

Sorry if u thought that this was a chapter. 

I didn't want to finish my story so fast cause I already knew what to put in the book and everything. I wanted to ask u guys if u like my story. And I want u guys to comment and give me feedback if a certain chapter was bad or good or just anything to help me. This is my first story and I didn't want to disappoint anyone on it so I tried my best on the first couple chapters that I have written for u guys. Just please comment about my book and let me know how I'm doing. 

I know that u guys probably hate authors notes and don't read them so I'm just going to shut up.

thanx got reading-

with lots of love Emily

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