Change my Mind

Julie, a hardworking 17 year old has always dreamed of being famous. But with her mother dead , it wasn't so easy. One day, she gets hired at a small bakery and meets some one she didn't expect to meet at all...
Harry Styles from One Direction.


2. Meeting Harry


Julie's P.O.V 

I ran towards the bakery, it was 6:58!!! I was looking at my watch so I didn't notice the boy in front of me. CRASH!!! 

"Oops! Im so sorry! I was-" My mouth dropped as I saw who I had crashed into. At first I had no idea, then as he showed his face I gasped. 

"Is it, it can't, but it is! Harry Styles?" I couldn't believe my own eyes. It was The Harry Styles  from One Direction!!! 

"Yup its me alright!" He replied. "Hello?" He waved a hand in front of my face. I hadn't realized I was staring. 

"Oops, uh hey!" I smiled. 

"Where are you off in such a rush anyway?" Harry asked

"Oh first day of work.." I mumbled. 

" Ok then, want to meet up someday? How about tomorrow? At my place?" He asked. 

What could I say? I had to agree! 

"Sure! "

"Here's my address, see you tomorrow!" He winked and walked away. 

I was in shock, literally. I had just met Harry Styles? Could this day be better?

"Uh Julie?"asked a voice

Oops, I thought as I went off to work.  


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