Change my Mind

Julie, a hardworking 17 year old has always dreamed of being famous. But with her mother dead , it wasn't so easy. One day, she gets hired at a small bakery and meets some one she didn't expect to meet at all...
Harry Styles from One Direction.


1. First Day at Work


  Julie's P.O.V 

"Ring! Ring! Ring!" Rang the alarm. I sighed heavily. "First day of work and Im sooo excited!" I whispered sarcastically. I looked at the alarm. Damn, its 6:30 and work starts in half an hour! Right now I was wearing black shorts with hot pink polka dots and a hot pink tee with the word "Pink" written in black. It was sunny so I figured its warm outside. I grabbed my favorite yellow shirt and short jeans. I know, not really good for working at a bakery.  I tiptoed silently downstairs, didn't want to wake up my dad or my older brother, Jake. As I turned the corner towards the kitchen, I saw a stack of pancakes and orange juice standing on the counter. Ever since my mum passed away, dad has been trying extra hard to take care of us, he wanted to succeed, and so far he has! "Hey Julie! Made breakfast for you, knew you'd be in a rush to get to work! " he told me happily. "Aww thanks dad!" I smiled. How did I deserve such an awesome and caring dad? In the corner of our black couch, I noticed my older brother Jake. I silently walked up to him and said: "Wake up sleepyhead!" In the tone of an annoying little sister. "Huh? What? Oh." He mumbled as he realized that his awakener was me. "Thank you sooo much for waking me up!" He said sarcastically. I just smiled the cheeky smile and replied. "Your welcome!" As I ate my pancakes, I wondered what it would be like to meet One Direction...  

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