Drunk (Zayn Malik fanfic)

Alaina gets drunk at a party and wakes up with a total stranger. She doesn't remember what happen the night before but might trace back her mind when she falls in love with the stranger.


1. Drunk

~ Alaina's POV ~

I just woke up this morning. A strange environment with the pounding of head was just not the way I ever got up. Let alone not remembering the night before.

"Where am I!" I said to myself, easily said than done but I knew being confused would get mey nowhere. Slowly, I tried to recall the events of last night.

"I was at this party; I was introduced to people, but who? Aargghh! My head hurts. What happened...?" I mused out loud.

"Talking to yourself won't help you either." A strange voice coming from the bedroom door said. It scared me, both the unexpected voice, and the unknown house. Who is this guy? I tried to remember. His full profile came to my sight, him wearing no shirt but a dark black pair of jeans.

He had dark black hair that is really messy. Little bit of facial hair grew on the lower part of his nose. His tattoos were all over his toned torso. 

He casually strode to a door."There is coffee in the kitchen, if you want some. I'll be in the bathroom." he said in a low tone.

I stopped talking, but my mind was in frenzy. I listened to the sound of water coming from the sink. My mind was working as fast as my hangover filled mind could think. I tried to process the scene with the man in jeans, in the same time tried to remember what had happened the previous night.

First, I thought I could get out of this house, this stranger's house, before this man gets out of the bathroom. This place look like something I wouldn't be anywhere close to. There were glass bottles of beer on the floor, trash spread across the room, and the rest of the room had wooden boards scattered everywhere.

Making this settle, I got up from the broken bed but found myself naked. Out of all these things I'm the one who ends up with no clothes. I started looking for my clothes; found none in the room. I took the sheets from the bed to cover my breast so I wouldn't reveal myself. I made my way out of the room to the corridor, I found my panties and a little bit farther my bra.

At the same time I hold the sheet and put my panties on and my bra, but I wasn't fast enough. Once I put them on I let the sheet drop from my body. 

Before I could run away the bathroom door opens. I gander at that the man who stepped out. I turned around and took off; I was already panting down the corridor. The strange man had caught up to me gripping my hips. 

"Let me go!" I yelled in fear. The man push me against the wall staring at my breast. I gave him a hard slap on his cheek, he didn't seem too happy about it. Instead of yelling at he slammed his torso against me. I let out a whimper to show my fear.

"Don't be scared. By the way I didn't catch your name last night." He whispered in a deep tone. I didn't face him, I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. 

"Answer me!" He shouted. 

"Alaina." I cried. He let go of me to where I'm standing in a passageway in my bra and panties.

"I'm Zayn." He said in my ear. While tears streamed down my cheeks of my face, my heart begins to race in a fast pace.

"whe whe...where is the rest of my clothes?" I asked in a stuttered way. Zayn's face looked up to me with a straight face.

"In my bedroom." He replied.

In the corridor the door on the right led to Zayn's bedroom. I spotted my clothes at the end of his bed. I put my shirt and shorts on quickly. I left his bedroom to his bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. My mascara were dripping below my eyes from crying. 

"Is everything okay?" I hear a voice say. Zayn was at the bedroom door waiting for me to answer.

"Yeah, um can you take me home?" I asked with fear in my orbs and butterflies in my stomach. Zayn nods briefly.

I stepped outside of the old shabby run down house and saw a motorcycle. 

"Where's your car?" I felt like I was going to pass out on the ground.

"Don't have one now can you get on." Zayn was rushing me; I was too scared to get on that. I took a helmet off the bike and put it on my head tightening it. Zayn was already on the bike waiting for me to get on; I put one leg over the bike and I sat down.

I never been on a motorcycle before and I wasn't planning on doing it again. Once the motorcycle started and we drove off I was holding on to Zayn for dear life. 

Everything was blurry in various colors while we were moving. My grip tightens at the turns and a few curves.

We arrived at my house with my car parked in the driveway. I walked straight up there waving to the small kids next door. 

The front door was locked and I couldn't find my keys in my purse, so I knocked on the door. There was a raspy voice on the other side. 

"Who is it? It's Friday and I'm trying to go to sleep." 

"Mum open the door please." I looked back at Zayn who seemed concerned about me. 

"Go away." She said with a throaty tone

"But Mum please let me in!" I shouted with tears coming out of my eyes.

A couple minutes later, I was in the apartment.

I peeked through the window and saw that Zayn had already left.

"What are you doing?" Mum asked.

"Seeing if that guy is gone." I replied.

"Guy? What guy?" Mum was confused.

"I don't know I don't remember meeting him."  

"You don't remember, are you drunk? Did you go to a party and got drunk last night?" So many questions were slipping out of her mouth.

"I don't know. I don't remember anything from last night and possibly I could be drunk!" I yelled.

She was silent for awhile. I strode to my bedroom and sat on the duvet. I felt a vibration in my pocket. It is my phone.

From: Zayn
Hey babe do you mind if I take you on a date tonight?

How did I get Zayn's number? He must've put it in my phone last night when I was drunk. I didn't reply to his message; there ain't no way I'm going anywhere near his. He looked like a dangerous type; I don't go for danger. 

I looked at the clock and it read, 4:58 p.m. That gives me a lot of time even though it is morning. I went back to the living room seeing Mum watching T.V.

"What's the boy name?" She asked curiously.

"Zayn, that is all I know about him."

"He dosent look like someone you should be around with I'll tell you that." Saids the women who smokes constantly. 

"I know." I say. I considered Mums words.

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