Drunk (Zayn Malik fanfic)

Alaina gets drunk at a party and wakes up with a total stranger. She doesn't remember what happen the night before but might trace back her mind when she falls in love with the stranger.


5. Chapter 5

I followed Zayn out of the bustling club and into the cool air.

We walked back to his place in silence, me occasionally stealing glances at his perfect face.

He slowly unlocked the door to his flat and he let me in first.

"I thought you were taking me somewhere." I say.

"Yeah, my apartment." 

He slowly walked on and when he made his way to his bed he then took off his shirt.

"Come here." He gesture me to his bed.

I walked to his bedroom in the back and sat on his bed. 

He kissed me softly. I let out a small moan allowing him access to my mouth. His warm tongue explored my mouth and twisted with my own. 

I pulled back knowing that I'm making a mistake. 

"Don't act like you never done it before." He saids with a deep tone. 

"I was drunk." I say. 

He left small kisses along my cheek and neck. He felt along my back before pulling off my shirt hungrily. I kicked off my converse as he did so and begin to tug on his belt. 

I felt his hard member against my thighs. I pulled his body closer to mine as he was to pulled down my jeans.

Suddenly I stopped causing Zayn to frown deeply. I went to my purse to pull out my phone to check the time.

"Shit, I got to go." I say motioning between our almost naked bodies.

"What's wrong?" He asked sitting up.

I put my shirt back on and my converse and spoke, "I need to go home before its midnight."

I got up from the bed, but I felt a firm hand on my arm pulling me back to Zayn.

"Stay." He saids. I agreed with him and stayed.

He kissed my forehead before laying down.

Before I could turn off the light I saw pictures of drawing on a table on the back of the room.

I shut my eyes closed with Zayn's warm torso against my back.


I woke up to a smell of something cooking. My nose scrunched up at the unpleasant smell. I rose slowly and saw that Zayn was in the kitchen. 

I didn't recall much of last night, I honestly can't handle alcohol very well. I do remember kissing Zayn and me dancing…

I stood up from the bed and walked over to the table with the drawings. I never seen anything like it. My favorite was the picture of a dancer. 

I stared at it in awe before switching through other pictures. I saw pictures of still life and some comic book characters. 

They were absolutely beautiful. 

"What are you doing?!" His gruff voice asked from behind, I jumped and turned around. 

"Did you draw these?" I asked slowly. 

"Answer me." He said sternly. 

"Looking at the pictures. Did you draw them?" I asked getting annoyed. 

"Don't look at them." He snapped. 

I clenched my jaw in partial fear and anger.

"So where do you box at?"  I asked walking away slowly.

He followed my slowly. "You first." He whispered.  

"At a Gym not too far from my school." I said turning around to face him. He was a lot closer than I expected. Our chest were touching and his fell and rose perfectly whereas mine was going at a rapid pace. 

He smirked at me before leaning in and whispered in my ear. "I've laid some clothes in the bedroom for you."

When he whispers in my ear I close my eyes due to fear. 

I opened my eyes and walked to the back room. 

The bed was a mess and the room was dark. The duvet was partially on the floor, and clothes were scattered everywhere.

I grabbed the tee and sweats from the bed. The tee smell like cigarettes. I pulled it over my bra and chest. I carefully pulled down my jeans when Zayn walked in. 

I jumped in surprise before slipping my legs into the huge sweats. 

He laughed when they fell to my ankles. 

I frowned at him before taking them off and handing them to him. 

"I'm not wearing these clothes." I say. 

"Why not?" He asked taking his sweats. 

"Because I'm not." I paused, "Because I'm not your girlfriend." I hear sigh behind me. 

You know what they say. When the girl wears the boy's clothes it means the girl loves him. I here do not love him. 

"I'm just a friend." I say putting my shorts on. 

"It didn't seem like you were when I kissed you. And you kissed back." Zayn looked frustrated. 

He stared at me when I walked out making me feel insecure. I looked at the floor and aimlessly twirled a ringlet of dark brown hair. 

He rolled his eyes at me before he sat down. 

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