Drunk (Zayn Malik fanfic)

Alaina gets drunk at a party and wakes up with a total stranger. She doesn't remember what happen the night before but might trace back her mind when she falls in love with the stranger.


3. Chapter 3

After school I drove to the Gym to work on my flexibility. A few of my trainers were there to help me out. I bent my back to where my hands touch the floor; I'm in a bridge. Lifting up one of my legs always gets me; I am too weak. 

My trainer gesture me to lay down and relax. "Maybe you should stretch first." She saids.

I pulled myself up starting my stretches with reaching for my toes. My position wasn't comfortable; I tried not to bend my knees to make it easy. While doing my stretches me and my trainers went over the Gymnastics poem like we always do.

"G is for Grace"

"Y is for Yes I can"

"M is for Muscles"

"N is for Never giving up"

"A is for Attitude"

"S is for Stick it"

"T is for Tough"

"I is for In the zone"

"C is for Can't is not a word"

"S is for Super"

"Alaina, what is Gymnatics all about?" One of my trainers asked.

"Strength, controlled, and passionate." I replied. My trainer nod and gave a round of applause. I stood up and felt the air; it was getting hot in here. I put my long brown hair in a bun so I wouldn't feel much heat on my neck.

I walked over to the end of the mat and started running, I place my hands on the mat and did a cartwheel. On the beams I did a few handstands and round offs. I took a water break before doing my backflips and back tucks.

In the same room as I am other girls were tumbling and flying in the air off the high bars. 

"Alaina, you're the oldest right?" Miss Harper asked; I nod in reply.

"See over there, those kids; I want you to help them out like train them."

"How will I do that?" I say uncertain.

"Just do what we always do when you were younger we do the beginning of the standards that should help you out." Miss Harper said.

I stood I'm clear area where no gymnast comes through and I shouted, "If you are ten years old and under please stand over here my me." I point the direction. All the kids by the door started running towards me.

"Now that you are here we all are going to run all over this Gym, but you need to follow me, so you won't get in the way of other gymnast." I say.

I started running with the kids panting behind me; I went towards the holla hoops then to the outside of the Gym. Once we stopped running I sat down on the mat with the kids in a big circle.

"What a workout. Now that you've the Gym we're are going to get to know about us a little more." I say. All the small children were giving a sharp look.

"Lets start with you, say your name and age." I pointed to a boy with his hair a Mohawk and spiderman shirt.

"My names Jordan, and I'm seven years old." I pointed to the next one.

"My names Emily, and I'm ten years old."

"My names Josh, and I'm eight years old."

"My names Kate, and I'm six years old."

"My names Sara, and I'm nine years old."

"My names Gavin, and I'm ten years old."

"Great now I know who you are. Let me tell about myself to you. I'm Alaina, and I'm eighteen years old. I'm in twelve grade and my job is a Gymnast." I say.


I was finally done with work. I arrived at a coffee shop before going home. At the shop I order a iced chocolate mocha with my name written on it. There was a table next to a window with two chairs across from each other. Myself sat down stirring the cup, because it is too hot. 

"Is this seat taken?" I hear a voice asked. It sounded like a boy around my age.

"No." I haven't looked up at the person who is talking to him until he sat down.

"What do you want?" I asked; I didn't want to talk to him not now not ever. 

"I'm just here to say hello now would you give me a little respect when I'm here." Zayn said in a harsh tone, shooting me a glare.

I shot a look back at him. "Who are you like what do you do?" I asked.

"I'm a boxer, I fight people who bother to mess with me. What about you?" 

"I'm a gymnast, I use to do dance for ten years but I uh switched over." I say.

"How old are you?" 

"I'm 20." Zayn replied.

"I'm 18." I say.

I stared at the cup of coffee for awhile then took a few sips. Zayn got up from his seat and walked away to his motorcycle. He gave me another glare before leaving.

There is something about Zayn with his dark demeanor, his dark image. His dark eyes that sometimes glisten in the light. Everything about him was dark. He always wears black, he looked like an average bad boy. This bad boy is not average to me. What does he want from me? Love? If he wants love then I want trust.

I will be going on a date with him tonight. I need to find more information about Zayn. I want to know if he really wants love; someone who will comfort him. I don't think he wants comfort, because he's a Boxer. 

Me on the other hand, I stretch I have flexibility and I sometimes I dance, because it is passion to me. I have good grades in school; speaking of school, it is almost summer. I'm an angel that everyone sees, to Zayn I'm innocent

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