Drunk (Zayn Malik fanfic)

Alaina gets drunk at a party and wakes up with a total stranger. She doesn't remember what happen the night before but might trace back her mind when she falls in love with the stranger.


11. Chapter 11

"I'm not giving you the towel. I will be completely naked, and I don't want you to see me naked." I say.    Why doesn't he understand that I took a shower, have a towel, and no clothes under. I don't want to argue him, but I have no choice.   "Can't you buy me some at the store?" I asked.   "I don't have any money I spent most of it at the fair."    I sigh. I looked around and saw a blanket laying on the bed. I wrapped the blanket around and slowly removed the towel.    "I need my blanket too." He said reaching out for it. "You know you could of wear your bra and panties." He added.   "Hold on." I say. I'm so stupid right now, how come I didn't think of that. If he didn't think of that then I will be naked for sure. He already has seen me naked before, but it's not going to happen again.   In the bathroom my bra and panties were laying on the floor next to the shower. I removed the blanket and put the two separate materials on.   "Zayn here's your blanket." I say, slightly cracking the door.   "Why aren't you out here, I wanna see you."   "I still feel like I'm naked." I say through the door   "Again, I wanna see you."   I sigh softly and open the door. I revealed my mostly naked body to Zayn.   "Come here." He said.   I strolled over next to him. He laid his hand on my thigh. Stroking with the tip of his finger.    "You look really sexy." I ignore his comment. I swatted his hand away. Before I sat on the bed Zayn smacked my arse.   "Ow! Did you just smacked my arse?"    "Can't say that I have." He said with a grin. "Now you stay here while I run by your house and grab some clothes for you." He added.   "And you couldn't said that before you smaked my arse." He chuckled.   ***   I have been waiting for ten minutes and Zayn is still not back with my clothes.   Knock knock.   I stood up to see who was at the front. I peeked my eye through the peek hole, Harry. What is Harry doing here? I open the door to answer.   "Sorry to interrupt but…" Harry said.   I didn't know what he was trying to say until I notice he wasn't looking at me he was looking at my mostly naked body.   "Oh. I am so sorry just I'm just hold on I'll be back." I slammed the door in his face and try to catch my breathe. The towel was on floor so I picked it up and wrapped it around my body like I got out of the shower. I open the door back up.   "I am so sorry about that, if Zayn saw that this happen then you will be dead." I say.   "it's okay let just pretend that never happen." Harry said, with a chuckle.   "Anyways tell your boyfriend to come to the warehouse tonight when he comes back."    "Okay I will bye."   "Bye."   I shut the door close and laid my head against it.   "Oh my god I hope that never happens again." I mused out loud.   I went back to sitting at the bed and waiting.   ***   "Alaina I'm back." I hear Zayn call.   He went to the back room and spotted me in his towel.   "Alaina I told you many times give me my towel." He set my clothes next to and lifted me up. Hooking his finger on towel I pulled it off my body leaving me still standing in my bra and panties.   "Harry came by and wanted you to come to the warehouse tonight but…"   "But what?" He asked.   "He um may have um seen me in my bra and panties." I say followed by a half smile.   "Next time make sure it never happens again." I was kinda happy that he wasn't yelling or getting mad because of that incident.   "Why did it take you so long?" I asked as I put my pants on.   "I may have accidentally ran into your mum. I was piled by questions on why I was at her apartment." He said as he was watching me put my clothes.   "Don't watch me change!" I yelled at him.   "Why did Harry want me at the warehouse?"   "I don't know maybe you are warming up or fighting someone. He didn't give me enough information." I say.   I had all my clothes on I swung my book bag around my shoulder.   "Can we leave?" I asked.    "Sure."    Me and Zayn hopped on the bike, and drove off. Minutes later we have arrived at my school. I hopped of the bike and waved Zayn goodbye.   "Aren't you gonna give me a kiss goodbye?" He asked.   "Considering that I might be being watching I take that as a no." I say harshly.   "You don't seem like yourself."   "I was on a sugar rush. I get really weird when I'm drunk and I eat candy, that's why you seem to like it."   "That explains the air kisses and going on the ferris wheel." I hear him say.   "See?" I asked.   "So no goodbye kiss?"   "Fine." I leaned in and placed a kiss on cheek. I know him as well as he knows himself. He wants everything his way.   "I'll pick you up after school and we can head down to the warehouse."   "I can't go to the warehouse just drop me off at the gym." I say.   "Okay whatever you say, love."       A/N   SORRY IF THIS CHAPTER IS SHORT I WANT TO MAKE IT REALLY LONG ALSO SORRY IF IT IS A LITTLW CRAPPY I BEEN WORKUNG ON THREE CHAPTERS IS ONE DAY AND I WILL BE DOUNG THE SAME THING AGAIN TODAY   IF YOU ARE READING THIS PLWASE VOTE PLEASE PLWASW I ONLY GOT TWO VOYES AND ZERO COMMENTS COME ON PEOPLE MAKE ME HAPPY WITH THOSE VOTED AND COMMENTS AND FANS   OKAY THANKS A LOT GUYS   REMEMBER   V O T E     C O M M E N T     F A N   OKAY BYE :) 
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