Give me love (completed!)

''Joey go away please'' I said as I walked away from him. He followed me. He stood infront of me so I couldn't run away from him 'No'' He grinned. He pushed me against a wall and started to kiss me. His lips on mine just wanted to make me puke. It felt so wrong, so digusting. I pushed him away from me and stood there in shock. ''Don't you dare do that again!" I yelled as I tried to walk pass him. ''Mmm...Maybe you wanna kiss me now?'' He frowned as he grabbed a long and silver object out of his bag.

Mikaela and Harry are a couple and they couldn't be happier. When Mikaela and Harry are going on vacation to New York together things are getting worser between them. After a huge fight Mikaela walks in the middle of the night away and there she meets someone from who she wished she would've never meet him....


24. The only option

Mikaela's POV


''MIKAELA!!" I heard someone yell. I turned around to face the door. When I saw who was standing there I immediately appeared a smile on my face. ''NANA!!'' I screamed in excitement at my sister. She ran towards me and hugged me ''I missed you so so so much'' she whispered with tears in her eyes. It was so great to see her back. When I sat in the small room, living in fear every second, I had always wanted a hug from Nana. A hug from her while she would tell me everything would be allright. ''I missed you too'' I said as a tear streamed down my face.

Then I heard more people ''MIKAELA!!" I heard familiar voices yell. I smiled when I saw Eleanor and the boys running in. I hugged them all. ''So where is my little niece?'' Liam smiled. I stood up from my bed, knowing that I couldn't really walk yet also because of the bruises I had but I didn't mind. ''Mikaela ple-'' Harry said but I cut him off ''It's okay babe'' I said as I walked towards a very small bed next to mine. I picked up Demi and held her in my arms. She was sleeping and she looked so adorable. I saw Harry smiling too when he looked at her.

''Can I hold her?'' Liam asked. I nodded at him ''Sure!" I said as I carefully placed Demi in his arms. He smiled at her as the other boys and Nana stood around them too, smiling at her. Eleanor walked over to me ''You're allright?'' She asked. I smiled at her ''Now I couldn't be any more happier'' Little did I know that it wasn't over yet. The drama had just begun...


Mikaela's POV


''Bye all!'' I smiled at them as they walked towards the door. They were going home now, but they would come back tomorrow again. After they left I turned around to Harry, who had Demi in his arms. I could hear him slowly singing ''Isn't she lovely, Isn't she wonderfull'' He softly hummed to Demi. I listened to how he sang to her. I couldn't help it but letting a tear fall from my eye, he was the best father ever.

''Babe?'' I asked after he stopped singing. He looked up at me ''I know you're tired'' ''No I'm not'' He denied it. I chuckled ''Babe I know you longer then today..'' He looked up at me and grinned ''Okay I am tired, but I want to stay here to take care of you and Demi'' I smiled at the thought that he was so caring ''It's okay babe, go get some rest and I'll see you tomorrow again!'' I said ''And beside of that, there's nothing to be worried about! Joey is arrested and Demi is as healthy as ever, just like me!" I could see him thinking and after a minute he spoke up ''You sure babe?'' I nodded at him ''Yeah go home, get some rest, and I'll see you tomorrow again.'' He stood up and put Demi in her small bed beside my bed. Then he walked over to me and kissed me slowly. ''I love you'' He whispered. I smiled at him ''I love you too'' And with that he left. 


I woke up by the sound of someone coming into my room. I opened my eyes and I saw someone standing at Demi's bed, but I couldn't see who. ''Hello?'' I asked the person. The person turned around and I was shocked because of who I saw. ''What do you want from me Joey?'' I whispered in fear, scared he would do anything to him. ''You were arrested right?'' I asked then. He grinned at me ''Yeah but I managed to escape because I needed to see you and our baby'' I glared at him ''It's not our people. NEVER! Harry is the father'' I said angrily ''Leave now before I call the police!'' He walked towards me and I felt a feeling of disgust when he stared at me. ''Stop thinking about Harry when you're mine!'' He said angrily. ''I'll never be yours'' I said clearly to him, hoping he would understand now. I saw I was really making him angry. ''If I have to kill Harry to get you, I would do it. I'm seeing that as the only option now to let you see you belong to me. Whether you like it or not, you'll be mine forever and I'll make sure Harry won't get between that'' I was too shocked to say anything. Was he saying he would kill Harry? He couldn't kill him. I know he was in state of doing it. His voice echoed inside of my head 'I'm seeing that as the only option now to let you see you belong to me' When I just was brave enough to replay, he stood up and without saying one more word he left, leaving me behind speachless. 

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