Give me love (completed!)

''Joey go away please'' I said as I walked away from him. He followed me. He stood infront of me so I couldn't run away from him 'No'' He grinned. He pushed me against a wall and started to kiss me. His lips on mine just wanted to make me puke. It felt so wrong, so digusting. I pushed him away from me and stood there in shock. ''Don't you dare do that again!" I yelled as I tried to walk pass him. ''Mmm...Maybe you wanna kiss me now?'' He frowned as he grabbed a long and silver object out of his bag.

Mikaela and Harry are a couple and they couldn't be happier. When Mikaela and Harry are going on vacation to New York together things are getting worser between them. After a huge fight Mikaela walks in the middle of the night away and there she meets someone from who she wished she would've never meet him....


19. Don't worry

Harry's POV


I was freaking out so badly. All the guys had allready gone and it was allready 2 am. Where was Mikaela? I turned around to Nana ''I'm gonna call her'' I said as I allready grabbed my mobile ''Harry who was the boy she went with?'' She asked before I wanted to press the dial button. ''He said he was an old friend of Mikaela...'' I said as I pressed the dial button. I could see a confused expression on Nana's face. I heard the beeps ring but after 5 beeps I hang up. ''Damn it'' I said. I was getting really worried now. ''Harry how did the boy look like?'' Nana asked once again. I shrugged my shoulders ''He was tall, had blue eyes, brown hair...'' Then I remembered something else ''And he had a pretty big birthmark next to his left eye...'' I added. Nana's eyes widened ''Joey...'' She mumbled, but I could still hear it. I immediately jumped up ''Was that boy Joey?'' I asked worriedly. She slowly nodded ''I saw his pictures in his house when I visited Mikaela in New York..'' A shiver went down my spine when she said that. Did he took Mikaela? In anger I punched the wall, why was I so stupid to let her go? Then I realized anger wouldn't solve anything now. I turned around to Nana again. She sat on the couch with fear in her eyes, probably scared that something happened to her little sister. ''We have to go and look for her'' I decided as I grabbed my phone to call the other boys and Eleanor back. She nodded ''Yeah let's do that''


*5 months later*


Mikaela's POV


As I was staring at the door I had been looking at so many times, I saw it opening. ''What do you want again?'' I asked, slightly scared. Joey had made little cuts and bruises all over my body once because I refused to kiss him. I had been sitting in a dark room for 5 months now. The only objects in this room were a dirty blanket I always slept on, and a lamp in the corner of the room. I had heard on the TV I always quitely heard from the livingroom that the police was still looking for me. People were looking for me everywhere, except for a little house somewhere in the middle of nowhere. There did were some small houses next to this house but nobody lived in those anymore. ''You know you do have to give in one time'' Joey spoke up as he walked towards me. He grabbed the knife from behind his back and put it on my arm ''Maybe you want to kiss me now sweetheart?'' He grinned. I pushed him back ''Don't you dare to call me sweetheart!'' I hissed threw my teeth. ''I know Harry will find me one day!'' Joey got a bit angry at that moment and put stabbed me with the knife on my arm. I whined in pain, even though I was getting used to the feeling of being cutted almost every day. Joey walked towards the door and left again. I burried my head in my hands and then I realized something. Something I had forgotten for these 5 months! MY PHONE!! I remembered I had put it in my bra so I wouldn't lose it. I quickly took it out of my bra, hoping that I would still have battery. Because I was allready here for 5 months, I had heard Joey say on the phone that we were somewhere close to Brighton. I saw I had only 2% left. I quickly searched for Harry's number and when I found it the battery changed into 1%. 'Please Harry help me! Joey kidnapped me! I don't know how much longer I can stay here! I'm somewhere around Brighton...Somewhere where a lot of wooden houses are and were nobody lives! Please safe me!' The text was almost sended when my screen turned black. I had no idea if the text was sended or not. I could only hope. I put my hand on my belly, which had growned really big. ''Daddy will come and safe us...'' I whispered. ''Don't worry...''

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