Little Best Friends

Francesca's life is turned upside down when her parents announce they are moving from California to England. She thinks her new life is going to be boring until she meets up with her cousins. Being introduced to her cousins friends, she realises who they are and her new life becomes a lot more exciting and romantic.


1. The News.

"Francesca!" My mom called up the stairs impatiently. "Will you come down to the kitchen for a moment please! You too Simon!" I sighed and shut off my computer, tearing my eyes away from the webpage. I had just been about to enter a competition to meet One Direction on their tour! But when my mom wanted something done, she would not get it out her head until it was done. I slowly trudged down the stairs, banging my foot against Simon's door, telling him to hurry up. To my surprise, Simon got out quickly and followed me downstairs. Going into the kitchen, I saw my mom's red bloodshot eyes and I hurried to her side asking what was wrong. "Nothing's wrong dear, I have just heard some news that has made me very happy that is all." I nodded and grabbed a bottle of sparkling water out of the fridge, along with a chocolate biscuit. "Your father has been accepted into  a company." My mother told us. That was great! My dad had been looking for a job for ages, he had been unemployed since the toothbrush factory had set on fire. "That's great Dad! Congratulations!" Simon and I said. Dad just smiled, even smirking a little and went outside to continue unclogging the pool. That was the bad thing about living in sunny California. Every now and then the pool would get clogged and it would take about a week to fix. No swimming for a week! "Anyway yes, the company specialises in helping young ill children fulfil their biggest dream before it is to late. The only thing is..." My mom stopped and swallowed loudly. "The job is in England."

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