Little Best Friends

Francesca's life is turned upside down when her parents announce they are moving from California to England. She thinks her new life is going to be boring until she meets up with her cousins. Being introduced to her cousins friends, she realises who they are and her new life becomes a lot more exciting and romantic.


3. Family Time.

Arriving in England after sunny California, was like waking up on Boxing Day after the excitement of Christmas. It was dull dark and dreary, and there wasn't a boy who looked like Tony anywhere. Getting into a taxi, as they called them here instead of cabs, I looked around the streets and saw several boys who may look like Tony with a little help. The countryside was boring, all green no colours whatsoever. And it was raining. Rain was something you got once a month in Cali if you were lucky! It seemed here in England, it was sun once a month if you were lucky! As we passed Buckingham Palace, and Hyde Park I felt a little bit excited. I had heard about these places, and dreamed about visiting them one day. As we pulled up outside a house the whole family ran out, aunties uncles grandparents and cousins! All apart from one cousin. "Where's Casey?" I asked my Aunt Marjorie. "Oh she's inside dear, with her friend. Go on in, she's dying to see you!" I smiled at my Aunt and ran off inside the house. "Casey? Casey!" I was screaming. "In here!" I ran towards the dining room at full speed and prepared to jump on Casey. But when I got into the room I stopped dead. Sitting with my cousin Casey, was the beautiful Niall Horan from One Direction. "Fran!" she yelled, throwing herself on me and knocking me over. I was suddenly conscious of my short dress and struggled to get up trying to pull it down at the same time. "Hey Casey! Its great to finally see you again!" Casey smiled at me and lead me down to the couch to sit with her and Niall. " Fran, this is my friend, Niall." Niall stuck out his hand and said in an adorable Irish accent, " Hello there Francesca. I have heard a lot about you! So glad we are finally getting to meet!" About 20 seconds passed, with me staring at his face, trying to take it all in. "Erm, Fran?" Casey said. "Fran." she said sharply pinching my leg. "Hello there Niall! Sorry for staring its just I am a huge fan of your band!" I said and smiled at him. "Is that so? Its always great to meet a fan! Even if they are sometimes a bit crazy... Anyway welcome to England!" I shook his hand and smiled. "Thanks! I'm just so glad to finally be here!" Casey excused herself to go get a drink from the kitchen and disappeared, leaving me with this beautiful boy.


As Casey left the room I couldn't help but stare at her beautiful cousin. She was exactly Liam's type, but I wanted her more than he ever could. Just by saying a few sentences to her, I could feel I could trust her with anything and I could love her forever. "So beautiful, did you have a boyfriend back in California?" As I asked the question, she blushed an adorable shade of pink and smiled at the ground. "Erm... yes yes I did. He was called... Tony. Yes Tony." she answered me. She was taken. This beautiful girl was taken. "Oh. How does he feel about you living in England now?" I asked, hating myself for it wishing it, but wishing they were broken up. "He decided to end things before I moved." She answered. "Make it less painful." She added as an afterthought. "So you are single?" I asked her hopefully, moving towards her and placing a hand on her knee. She jumped at my touch, so I brought my hand back quickly and placed it under my thigh. "Yes I am." she answered quietly. I blew it. she thought I was too forward and now she would never go out with me. "Would you like to have dinner some time?" I asked hopefully. She blushed red again, this time a darker shade and brought out her mobile to give me her number.


AHHH! HE ASKED ME OUT! I tried to play cool while he was in the room, but as soon as I left and was in my own room back at home, I threw on my favourite CD and started dancing around my new room. Which was huge! Maybe it wont be too bad living in England after all! I called Collette and she couldn't believe it!

"Hey Collette!"

"Hi Fran! How's England? I'm missing you!"

"I think I just got myself a boyfriend already!"

"Already? Slut! No I'm joking! Who? Is he hot?!"

"Well you might have heard of him. NIALL HORAN!"


"YES! I'm going to be famous! I love him so much already! Need to go Collette, parents shouting! Love you!"

"You lucky person! Tell Niall I love him!".


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