First Love

Annabelle has known Zayn her whole life, she has always had deep feelings for him and he has always known, he has just been too shy to tell her he had feelings for her too. When Zayn becomes a part of One Direction he finds it hard to stay away from her, she is upset. When he sees her at his London concert, 2 years later, he immediately falls in love all over again. What will happen between these two silent Lovers.


6. The final recovery

Louis POV-
We've been here 4 days, It is Wednesday, we are supposed to be doing the second show but the whole tour got called off. Annabelle's family hasn't shown up and we're wondering where they are, I am worried about Zayn, while he's awake he just stares at the roof, he won't talk, not to me, not to Liam or Niall, the only time I hear him talk is when he is talking to Annabelle, but he stops as soon as we come in. I have to use a wheelchair as a precaution, so I don't put to much stress on myself. I feel so bad for him, I wish he would talk to me but he won't. The funeral for Sam (The Driver of the Hummer) is on Saturday and Lea (A little girl who got pinned against the two cars) is on tomorrow. I feel bad for both them and their families, All of us who are well by tomorrow are going to Lea's and the same for Sam's.

Caitlin's POV-
No one will let us in to see Annabelle and she is apparently getting worse each day, I've also found out that Zayn isn't doing well for himself, I feel so bad and the girls want to see her, If only we didn't let her go and drove her there ourselves. I feel so bad, I hope she gets better soon.

Annabelle’s POV-
I feel like I’ve been falling towards darkness for eternity, All I’ve seen is the surroundings getting darker the more I fall. I am trying to move, scream or do anything because whenever I try I come more towards the light, but I then become too weak to do so again. I haven’t tried anything in ages, I try as hard as I can and I feel myself leap into my body, I am back on earth, but only just. I am gasping for air, I see Zayn lift his head from the corner of my bed and smile, he looks so relieved. I am happy to be back on earth, where I belong.

Zayn’s POV-
I have been leaning at the end of Annabelle’s bed for a day now, I haven’t left her side at all, all I’ve done is watched her and slept, I didn’t care about anything else, I just wanted my bell awake, I was about to drift off to sleep and I hear gasping, I look up and see her looking at me. I haven’t talked to anyone for ages, I say what I wanted to say years ago ‘I Love You, Annabelle’.

Annabelle’s POV-
Zayn Malik said he loved me!!!! I was so happy, the Zayn that I have loved since I was little, the Zayn I thought I would have to forget about, the Zayn I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, here… saying he loved me, I tried to speak but I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t make a sound at all. I was so sad I started crying.

Zayn’s POV-
Annabelle started crying, what have I done. Doesn’t she like me that way, is there someone else in her life, I should have asked. I hold her hand telling her it is going to be ok, I feel so stupid for making her cry. She is smiling at me, ‘Talk to me ‘Belle’ I say, she looks and mouths the words ‘I can’t’ then I realised, she got the same thing as Louis. She’ll be better in a few hours. ‘Rest now, everything will be ok, I promise’ I lean over and kiss her on the head. She mouths something else but I couldn’t understand ‘Just rest’ I say. She leans onto her pillow and goes to sleep.


Harry's POV-

Today I woke up with Niall, Louis and Liam coming in my room to say good morning, I'm not allowed to leave my room yet due to having the operation, I can't move my body because it hurt way too much on Tuesday, I look and say hi. The guys look at me and smile, it was good having nearly all of us together, then Zayn comes in the room in a wheelchair with Annabelle asleep sitting on his lap. She looks happy and we all look at him shocked, is she supposed to be out of bed yet? Has she woken yet, but I know Zayn he isn’t that stupid, he ends up explaining that the doctor said she needed some fresh air and he would like us to come too. I wasn’t too sure whether I was allowed to come, Zayn explained that I can come if I sit in a wheelchair, great, the three stooges on wheelchairs!!

Liam’s POV-
Looks like we’re going to be able to make it to Lea’s funeral seems it is at the back of the hospital. I ask the boys if they want to come, they all seemed to want to go, Annabelle was still asleep so I decided she might as well come. We slowly walked and we made it just in time to be able to go in, we went up the wheelchair access with the guys, I pushed Zayn while Niall tried to push Harry, but because of his broken arm he couldn’t. so I told him to hold the door open so I can wheel them all in. it took me about 10 minuted to get them all in place but I did it. When we got in there it was 10 minutes until it started, so I went to go say hello to the mother and older siblings, which were all fans of One Direction, I told them when we were better we’ll get them tickets to the next London concert with their friends as well as some back stage passes. It made them smile for 2 seconds then they started getting upset. The siblings only missed being pinned by a second, I felt so bad for them, I gave them a hug and told them they would be alright. The mum said thanks for coming and I went up so see the guys.

Zayn’s POV-
I feel Annabelle stir and she looks up at me and smiles, she looks around the place and looks lost, I told her that we were at a funeral for a 8 year old who was killed in the accident. She nodded and watched the ceremony. I stroked her hair trying to get rid of all the dried blood from her precious hair. She looked to tattered and beat that I could almost think she was in a war or something, in a way she was, she was in a battle for life only hours earlier.

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