First Love

Annabelle has known Zayn her whole life, she has always had deep feelings for him and he has always known, he has just been too shy to tell her he had feelings for her too. When Zayn becomes a part of One Direction he finds it hard to stay away from her, she is upset. When he sees her at his London concert, 2 years later, he immediately falls in love all over again. What will happen between these two silent Lovers.


3. Talking to Zayn <3

Annabelle's POV-
I am in the hummer with the guys, we are on our way to Nandos, Niall and Louis are mucking around while Liam is trying to get them to stop and Harry seems distant, lost in thoughts. I am talking to Zayn for the first time in years and I feel so bubbly inside, I love him, I only wish he knew. I just wish he'll never leave again, I want him to be mine, but he'll probably forget about me and find another girl, I have had no-one to share my feelings and thoughts with, and I just wish.

Zayn's POV-
I was talking to Annabelle, It's been so long since I've felt like this, I love her, If only she knew how much she meant to me, I really want to tell her, but whenever I am about to, I get weak at the knees and I just can't do it, I'm gonna ask tonight, I think I'll watch a movie with her then I'll ask her. I don't know what to do, I want it to be romantic but I don't know how I can. I want to tell her because she is the only girl I've ever loved and the only I ever will, I want her to be mine and I love her.

Harry's POV-
I was watching the guys mucking as round, I listen to Zayn and Annabelle talking, I am jealous of him, he has the one girl I've ever loved and I want her so much, I remember that one Summer years back, but I don't think she feels the same way, I wanted to tell her but I kept getting nervous and changing my mind, I just wish I had, She might of been mine now, I think she may have had feelings for me but I don't know.

Annabelle's POV-
I was watching harry, he seems so glum. I looked really closely, he looked so familiar, but he is Harry Styles!!! but I feel like I've known him before this, I just wish I could remember, He looks up a bit, I turn and start talking to Zayn again.

Zayn's POV-
I was watching Annabelle and I noticed that she kept looking at Harry, she looked worried and confused, what was going on, I got a feeling there is more to them then I thought.

Louis's POV-
I was mucking around with Liam and Niall and I glance at Harry, he looks so distant, I can tell something it troubling him, I can tell I just don't know what. I start moving over to him and I hear the sound of breaks, the car then spins,flips, people are screaming, I can hear the sound of the car crashing, I feel the tumbling start to slow, when It stops I look at the boys, I almost dropped dead. Then everything went black.

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