First Love

Annabelle has known Zayn her whole life, she has always had deep feelings for him and he has always known, he has just been too shy to tell her he had feelings for her too. When Zayn becomes a part of One Direction he finds it hard to stay away from her, she is upset. When he sees her at his London concert, 2 years later, he immediately falls in love all over again. What will happen between these two silent Lovers.


8. Mark

1 Month later

Annabelle’s POV-
I was sitting on my bed next to Zayn reading about the latest news on my laptop, I got a message from Isabella asking if she could come over with Holly, Mika, Jasmine, Brooke and Caitlin. I said ok and prepared for mayhem. The guys are back on tour, they are doing the last one in London on the weekend, I was going to watch the concert with the girls, then I was going on tour with the guys. Since the accident everyone seemed to recover well, except for me, I kind of have a scar across the top of my head, it is clearing up fast because I am using this special cream, but I don’t think it will all go away. I get another text, they’ll be here at 7:00, that gives me half an hour to get ready. I sprint down the stairs to the bathroom, I hear Liam calling, he was complaining about the racket I was making by knocking down everything in my path, it was fun. What can I say? I get ready and I find myself facing the girls at my front door half an hour later. I got an hour before I have to face the guys all waking up, so we decide to go out for brekkie.

Holly’s POV-
We arrive at Annabelle’s and the guy’s house, she moved in last month. We miss her at the girl’s house, but she is with Zayn now and he kinda has been worrying whenever she isn’t with him, well that is to be expected after the accident. We walk to McDonalds, seems it is behind her house. We all order fries with a cheeseburger and a small coke, it is a thing we do. We always get the same food when we go to McDonalds, it is just something we do.

Brooke’s POV-
I look around at my friends, I don’t know how to tell Annabelle, how could I, but it was something I had to tell her, I look at Annabelle and the others. I start talking lowly, ‘Annabelle, could you please come with me?’ I signal and Annabelle stood up and followed me. I took her around to the alleyway behind McDonalds. ‘Someone messaged me last night’ I say, Annabelle looks confused.

Mika’s POV-
I look up to see Brooke and Annabelle walking out the door, something is going on, and Brooke looked so freaked out this morning. I have no idea why and I know I should finish my food and they’ll tell me when they’re ready. I am just so confused right now.

Annabelle’s POV-
‘Who messaged you?’ I look at Brooke, I am so confused. I am walking beside her. Who could she be talking about? ‘You know who, he said he’s coming to look for you’ I feel the reality of it all hit me like concrete, and I collapse to the ground. I can hardly breathe, I feel something wet drip down my neck. I see Brooke looking at me, everything starts doubling, then that doubles, then everything becomes fuzzy, then black.

Brooke’s POV-
‘You know who, he said he’s coming to look for you’ I see something come up behind Annabelle’s head, it hits her, it looks like metal. I didn’t see anyone come from behind. Then I realised, it was Mark. ‘Help!’ I screamed, but it was too late, Mark hit me round the neck and I fell to the ground, cold.

Zayn’s POV-
I wake up to hear someone calling help, then I hear a scream. Annabelle isn’t next to me, I look at the Alleyway and see someone in a hoodie standing over two girls who were unconscious. I look even closer, one of them was Annabelle and the other looked like one of her friends from the concert 2 months ago. I jump over the balcony and drop down to the one below, from there I sprint down the metal stairs. I jumped the last flight and came running at the man, he was about to drag Annabelle away when I leaped onto him and hit him over the head with a metal bar, I look down at Annabelle and her friend. I call Niall, he comes sprinting down the stairs, I help him get a grip on Annabelle’s friend then I hoist Annabelle onto my back, we take them upstairs, it is too long of a drive and we got a doctor who lives next door. We slowly go up the stairs, trying not to drop them. When we arrive inside Liam and Louis are making breakfast, and they drop their things to help us with the girls. We get them onto the couch and Liam runs next door to get Dr M. He looks at the girls, he said they didn’t get hit in the head, but they’ve been hit in the side of the neck, pointing to the split skin on their necks. ‘Whoever did this knew what they were doing, a rest will do them both well, they should be alright in about a day or 2’ the doc finished up as he left the room. We said goodbye and we went and moved them into the spare room.

Sorry for the time gap, but there was nothing much to write about in the time gap, like if you enjoyed :)

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