First Love

Annabelle has known Zayn her whole life, she has always had deep feelings for him and he has always known, he has just been too shy to tell her he had feelings for her too. When Zayn becomes a part of One Direction he finds it hard to stay away from her, she is upset. When he sees her at his London concert, 2 years later, he immediately falls in love all over again. What will happen between these two silent Lovers.


10. Chapter 10

Annabelle's POV-

I'm crying into Louis shoulder, I look up and his lips come crashing down on mine like the London Bridge. I just sat there shocked, After about 30 seconds I decided I couldn't resist the temptation, Finally our lips part and I look away, I look at the ground, then I look at the wall, how could he do this to me, how could I do this to Zayn!!?? I turn to face the floor again I stare at the rug, I was watching all of the different patterns melting into each other, until my vision got clouded with tears.


Zayn's POV-

I was about to smash the lights out of this guy who hurt Annabelle and Brooke, then Liam, Niall and Harry come sprinting up to me, Niall gets a grip on my wrist, he looks nervous and knows I could throw him off if I wanted to. 'Zayn. Stop' was the only words that escaped his mouth. 'Why should I?' I spat. 'because you have to stop' Harry replied. I looked at him, 'Why, give me one good reason I shouldn't kill him, He's been unconscious the whole time, who cares if a do some more damage' I could feel the rage pumping in my blood. I took one look at him, then the guys. 'Annabelle has the answer to that, she said just leave him.' Niall looked at me with a stern face. 'Annabelle's awake?' I look at the ground, drop the guy. I hear his body impact with a thump, and we walk back up to the apartment.


Louis POV-

I look at Annabelle 'I'm sorry.' I say, I almost feel my voice breaking, . She looks at me 'Whatever.' She just keeps staring at the ground while saying it. She gets of the bed and heads for her bedroom. I'm so stupid! I get my coat and sprint out the door. I shut the front door just as I hear the guys get back, they'll be fine without me.


Zayn's POV-

We get back into the Apartment and I call Louis down, he doesn't answer. I go look for him, I can't find him anywhere, I hear crying coming from mine and Annabelle's room. I open the door and find Annabelle lying on the bed crying her heart out. I feel horrible 'What's wrong Babe?' I ask. She's looking the opposite way. 'Babe talk to me, I didn't touch him if that's what you are upset about.' She keeps crying, I pull her frail body against mine, cradling her head, ' come one babe, tell me what's wrong' she doesn't look at me, she keeps looking down. 'Babe......Please' I manage to choke out, this is killing me. We sit in dead silence for about 2 minutes ‘Fine, you be like that!’ I shout. I leave the room, slamming the door on my way out, I decide to sit in front of it and cry. What have I done wrong? I get up, I can hear Harry coming up the stairs, I slip into a spare room as he passes, then he enters my room and I can hear Annabelle crying. I get up and leave, I decided to go for a walk. I hear Niall calling out to me, I just ignore him and walk away into the cold, winter snow.

Harry’s POV-

I come up the stairs after hearing Zayn scream, I decide to go check what is going on. I come up the stairs and I am looking around,I can tell the noise is coming from Zayn and Annabelle’s room, I knock on the door all I hear crying, nothing else, so I decided it was right to enter. As I come in, I hear the front door slam. I can see Annabelle's been in tears on the bed, ‘What’s wrong Belle?’ I ask as I come and sit on the bed, I lean her up against me, ‘Shhhhhhh it’s ok, what’s wrong?’ I ask, she manages to try and say something but I can’t understand. ‘Tell me when you’re calmed down’ I got a feeling it’s to do with Zayn. I just don’t know.

Louis POV-
I can’t believe how stupid I am! I don’t know what I was thinking, I guess it was because I wanted to, I don’t know, I hear footsteps behind me. I look to where I see Zayn who is wearing his leather jacket, I quickly slipped in between 2 houses hoping he didn’t see me. As he passed, I could tell that he was all mopey, yet he wasn’t mad. She mustn’t have said anything him, Thank god. yet why is he moping around when he should be with her?

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