First Love

Annabelle has known Zayn her whole life, she has always had deep feelings for him and he has always known, he has just been too shy to tell her he had feelings for her too. When Zayn becomes a part of One Direction he finds it hard to stay away from her, she is upset. When he sees her at his London concert, 2 years later, he immediately falls in love all over again. What will happen between these two silent Lovers.


13. 3 months ago (1)

3 months Ago-

Annabelle's POV-
Last week I was attacked by Mark, last week I found out I was pregnant, last week I realised I was going to have to tell Zayn about Sarah and Mai. My daughters, I don't know how to tell him, I don't know when to tell him, all I know is that I'm going to have another child and Zayn doesn't know about any of them, my parents deserted me because I got pregnant with Sarah and Mai but the thing is that I couldn't stop Mark, he was too forceful. But the thing is I can't tell Zayn either, I have to leave the group, for the sake of Zayn, for the sake of the others, I know I'm pregnant with Zayn's baby but I can't expect for him to take in Sarah and Mai. I don't know what to do, and I don't know how. I need to call Brooke, yeah that's what i'll do.

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