Lost In Love

Loren Tate was once a regular 18 year old girl now she is an uprising superstar and dating 22 year old rock star Eddie Duran they were lost in love! But that didn't stop them from making beautiful music together!


1. Nightly Meeting and Cute Romances

Loren's POV

I was getting ready for bed I was wearing a blue tank top, white shorts, and my hair was in a bun then I heard a knock on the door I kept wondering who could it be at 9:58pm I opened the door and Eddie was standing there which brought a huge smile on my face!

Me-What are you doing here?

Eddie-I came to surprise my girlfriend

Me-Aw how sweet come on in

He walked in and we sat down on the couch

Me-Do you want some water?


I walked to the fridge and grabbed two water bottles and walked to Eddie and sat down next to him

Me-Any new songs?

Eddie-I have a song that's almost finished!

Me-Can I hear it?

Eddie-Nope it's a surprise! How about tomorrow we go to the beach? We can pack a picnic, go for a swim, and we can go for a walk! We can stay at the bungalow!

Me-I like that idea so what time do we leave?

Eddie-How's noon?


We kept talking and soon we were asleep

Nora's POV

I woke up in the middle of the night to get some water when I walked out of my room and towards the kitchen when I saw Loren and Eddie asleep on the couch. I loved that Loren found someone like Eddie! He was protective of my baby girl and wouldn't let anything hurt her. He's also kind, caring, and sweet that's why I gave Eddie permission to ask Loren to marry him! I know he will take good care of her and I trust him and I know she's in good hands! I covered them with a blanket and got a water bottle from the fridge and went to my room and went back to my room.

Eddie's POV

The next day when I woke up I realized I was still at Loren's I looked at her asleep next to me I loved Loren with all my heart she would never lie to me I just hoped she would say yes when I ask her to marry me! I looked at her sleeping she is so cute when she sleeps then she woke up

Me-Morning beautiful

Loren-Morning what time is it?

I looked at my watch

Me-Quarter past nine

Loren-I should go pack

Me-Okay so should I I'll see you at noon!


I kissed her said bye and left I went to Pops house to talk I went into the club and found him at the bar

Me-Hey Pops

Max-Hey so have you asked her yet?

Me-No I'm asking her tonight were going to the beach and go swimming then go on a walk and I'll ask her then!

Max-Great come with me

I followed him into his apartment he grabbed a small black box off of a shelf and handed it to me

Max-Ask her using that!

Me-What is it?

I opened it and found my moms wedding ring in there

Me-Pops?! Thank you!

Max-I knew that you would find the love of your life so I saved it

Me-Thanks Pops!

I gave him a hug

Max-Hold onto her Eddie she's a keeper!

I smiled thanked him again and went to my apartment and packed for the trip at 11:45am I left to go pick up Loren I finally got there and went and knocked on the door and Nora opened the door

Nora-Hey Eddie come on in Loren's just finishing packing

I walked in and we started talking

Nora-Are you going to ask her?



Me-When we take a walk along the beach


Then Loren walked in the room


Me-Hey ready?

Loren-Yeah bye mom

Nora-You guys have fun!

Then we left for the beach when we got to the bungalow we put our stuff into the bungalow changed into our swimsuits and left I packed a picnic and left for the beach we had lunch and got into the water but Lo didn't want to

Me-Come on what are you chicken?

Loren-Bawk, Bawk!

Me-Come on Lo

Loren-No I'm not getting in!

I picked her up and threw her in the water!

Loren-Eddie help I can't swim!

I swam to her and helped her then she pushed my head under the water

Me-Hey! You can swim!


She started laughing and then we went for a walk before we did I grabbed the ring box from the basket while Lo was drying off and putting on her shorts I put the ring in my swim trunks pocket and we went for a walk we looked at the water and the sun setting this was the right moment tot ask her

Me-Lo I have something to ask you!

Loren-What is it?

I got down on one knee and toke out the ring box from my pocket she covered her mouth with her hand and started crying

Me-Loren Tate in the time we've been dating I realized I love you with all my heart I don't want anything to happen to you because you are my best friend and I want to someday call you my wife so Loren Tate will you do me the honor of becoming Mrs. Loren Duran?

She shook her head up and down

Loren-Yes! A million times yes!

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