A Little Blessing

This is story about 1D after everyone has settled down a bit. I've personally haven't fanfics that are their married life I guess so I'm gonna give this a shot. The characters are me and my best friends and some other people. But please don't judge me too bad on this. This is my first movella. Pretty with a cherry on top no hate.


4. Old doctors and bet losers

------------- 1 month later-----------
Hannah's POV
I'm now 5 months pregnant and today I get to find out the sex.  Niall is going with me and I think he's more excited than I am.  I want girl Niall says he wants a boy, but I know he secretly wants a girl. I overheard him talking the boys.  If its a girl i want to name her Ava Marie. If its a boy Liam Anthony. " Niall! Time to go!" I yell. " coming" he yells back. We hop in the car and drive to the clinic.  We walk in and I check-in. " Horan?" The nurse calls as I stand up. She leads us to room and tell us the doctor will be in shortly. As we are waiting I decide to confront Niall. 
" Hey Niall?" " yes babe?" " I know you secretly want a girl. I overheard you talking to the guys." " snoop." 
" shut up." The doctor walks in and it was my old doctor from when I was little. 
" doctor Shelly!" I exclaim. " Hannah it's so good to see you. Who's that handsome boy over there?" " oh that's my husband Niall." " well lets get started shall we." I lay on the table and she squirts gel on my stomach that is cold. She moves it around and she says "It's a girl!" " I told you so. Hand it over." He hands me the 10£ he owes me. " yeah yeah whatever. I wanted a girl anyway." 
" I knew it!"  " Do you guys want a picture." " yes please."  " alright I'll go get it and you can get ready." I wipe off the gel and pull my oversized jumper over the bump. I decided to call Kenzie and Harry. I dialled her number and waited for her to  pick up. " hello?" " hey kenz! Guess what it's a girl!!" " yes I knew it Harry my 10£ please." " you made the bet to?" 
" yeah! Did you?" " yep he lost." 
" k let's face time later. Cause Harry wants to see you and bet loser!" Kenzie giggles. 

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