A Little Blessing

This is story about 1D after everyone has settled down a bit. I've personally haven't fanfics that are their married life I guess so I'm gonna give this a shot. The characters are me and my best friends and some other people. But please don't judge me too bad on this. This is my first movella. Pretty with a cherry on top no hate.


2. News, Nandos, bears, and food fights!


Hannah's POV
I patted my small stomach lovingly.  Niall would be home from his tour in a month and then I can tell him the news.  I am four months pregnant. Since it was winter, it was easy to cover with some of Niall's jumpers. My bump is small and nobody noticed. I told his mom, dad, brother, Haley, Kenzie, Brittany, Caroline, and my manger. They were so excited for us. Kenzie is close to having Darcy. Kenzie is 7 months pregnant and she is big. Kenzie is coming over today to hang out. " Hannah!!" Kenzie screams. " what?" " I'm here."  I go downstairs and into the living room to kind Kenzie. We talk and start to get hungry. ( But since I'm just like my husband I've been hungry) but Kenzie takes longer to be hungry. So I go upstairs and throw on one of Niall's jumpers and go back downstairs. When I go down the stairs grab my keys and go to the car. When were are in the car I ask where she wants to eat ," um... Nando's?" 
" sure sounds great." I drive up to Nandos , only to find crowd of people. Mostly teenage girls. Since I work there ,we walk through the back door to find both of our husbands!  My manger sees me and the situation. She grabs bags of food, thrusts them in my and Kenzie's hands, then pushes us out the door. As we walk toward my car, a small fangirl approaches me and Kenzie. She yells " OMG ITS HANNAH AND McKENZIE!!" Me and Kenzie both know they heard that, so we dashed to the car, slid in, and took off. They couldn't see me pregnant. Thank God we make it back to my house only to find none other than Liam Payne himself. We park the car and get out and head towards the door. We tried to avoid all contact with him, but when he stole my food, oh IT IS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG.  I chased him around the house for the bag. Finally I hid behind  a wall and attacked him. He released my food at last. I then go and sit down at the counter and started eating. Which is when Liam said " dang Hannah you eat like pregnant women." I flinched at the word "pregnant"😱😬😞😓😥 I think he got the idea because he picked me bridal style and laid me on my couch. He lifted up Niall's jumper and saw my tiny bump. " so you are pregnant huh" he says rubbing the of his neck. "yea but don't tell Niall. I want it to be surprise." I say.
 " ok But don't you think he'll get a little ticked off for you not telling him." " well I think it will be worth it. " 
" if you say so. " after that I continue my convo with Kenzie. Then out of the blue Liam gets a phone call. He leaves the room but I follow him and eavesdrop. " almost there and my beautiful wife are the words that come from Niall. I soon as I hear those words I run upstairs drag out my old sweatshirt, take off Niall's jumper, and throw on my sweatshirt. I then go downstairs, get the sonogram from the other get day, a bag of crisps, and dive onto the couch. I hear fiddling of keys, keys being put in the lock, and the opening of a door. I run to my Irish husband and give big hug. " hey princess I'm missed you. And my tour ended early."
" Naw dip" I reply. He then laughed his angelic Irish laugh.
 " well I'm going home to Harry."Kenzie announces. " k girly have fun. Love ya" I reply. Liam gives me a glare. I give him the death glare and turn back to Niall. "So what did you guys do on tour?" " Sang, met fans, signed stuff, and missed you. " I'm so anxious to him the news!! I give Liam a glare signaling for him to leave. He gets the idea and says," well it's been great talking to you but I got to go. Haley is waiting for me." " okay later mate." " Niall... I begin... I've something to tell you ." 
" what babe you tell me anything." " well... I say taking 
out the sonogram, I'm pregnant!" I give him the sonogram and he looks at it. He looks up and stares at me with frustration, anger, and hate. " Take of your sweatshirt. TAKE IT OFF NOW.!!" I take my sweatshirt slowly to reveal my tiny bump and green lace bra.
" it's true. Princess can you give me a while to let this sink in. " 
" k ill just be at Haley's."  I said starting to tear up. I grab my sweatshirt and put it on and run outside toward Haley's. But I take a shortcut through the woods but then I stop. I stop and think about all that happened this morning. About Niall, the baby, Liam, anger, and Nandos. I sit down against a tree and just start bawling. Life is just...just terrible. My phone starts to ring and i look at the caller ID and its Niall. I ignore it and throw it at a tree. I know he's worried but it doesn't matter. He probably doesn't want the baby. He just wants my attention to him only. Why am I second guessing myself he probably does want the baby but , isn't ready for the baby. Oh I don't know. Maybe I should talk to Haley. She gives the best advice.  I go and pick up my phone, the screen is shattered. Oh well that's what I get for taking my anger out on a phone. I continue walking to Haley's when I here leaves rustle. I start to panic. I check my phone and it still works. I here it again. I turn around slightly and see a bear. He stood there and stared at me. I walked slowly then darted because my life depended on it this time.  I apparently didn't run fast enough because it jumped on me and tore my leg open. I punched him in the nose and ran. Just ran. I ran all the way to Haley's house and stop. I knock on the door and Haley answered it right away. She saw the gash in my leg and pulled me inside. She then had to tell Liam to get off the couch. She pulled out her phone and called 911. She asked me want happened, and I told her. Minutes later the ambulance shows up and I'm whisked away to the hospital. I don't remember a lot because of the amount of blood I lost. I wake up in the hospital to Haley, Kenzie, Harry, and Liam. " Hannah!! Your ok." Haley says. " No really I thought I was dead." I say using heavy sarcasm. " Well the baby wasn't lost." says Kenzie. " Wait what baby?" Harry asks. " ok so I'm 4 months pregnant with Niall's baby." "well now everything makes sense." Harry replies leaning back in his chair, crossing his arms, and glaring at kenzie. Just then the doctor enters the room. " well Mrs. Horan, your leg needed a lot of stitches and few staples. But you didn't lose your baby. And you'll also have to be a bed rest for a week or so." " ok thanks." " By the way Mr. Horan is here to see you." " Thanks again doc." As the doctor leaves, Niall enters. Things just got really awkward.   " Well let's go get something to eat." Kenzie clearing the awkward air. I'm thanking Kenzie in my head. " k, Hannah and Niall we'll bring you guys something back." Haley says. " k thanks." I reply. Well things are about to get really awkward. They leave and boom, things get awkward. " You know what I want to talk about Niall. We need to talk about this." " I know princess. I guess it was kinda sudden and unexpected for me. I want the baby, don't get me wrong I do. But I wished you would have told me sooner." Niall says nervously, like I'm going to kill him or something. " Well I guess I probably told you sooner. I'll give you that." " I mean I wish I was there when you found out. And had the sonogram,  felt the baby kick for the first time." Niall says quickly. 
" Babe only 2 out of those things happened without you. The baby hasn't kicked yet because I'm only 4 months along." I say calmly. 
" Really, are you sure." he questions thinking I'm lying
 " yeah the baby doesn't start kicking till the 5th month. Didn't you take repro health?" " I was sick that day!" he says. " a huh sure." " I was!" he says exasperated. " ok ok I believe you." " Finally." he says relived. It turns silent for a moment but then Niall says " Hannah I'm sorry for acting the way I did earlier. Ida know what came over me. I shouldn't have yelled at you. I'm extremely sorry."
 " Baby, it's ok, I got yelled at all the time when I was younger." He laughs his Irish laugh. " Hannah you crack me up." He half says half laughs. 
"Why thank ya thank ya very much." I say in my Elvis voice. Niall keeps laughing his angelic Irish laugh. " Niall, I never want to fight again. I always fought with my mom and sister and it hurt. I don't want that with us." " princess, I understand I fought with my brother too. " After that he leans to kiss me and i lean forward to kiss him back. Our lips touched so smoothly it was like ... Silk " Niall I'm injured." I say " Injured?" 
" well why the heck do you think I'm in the hospital?" " sorry I was just so focused on apologising I didn't think about it." " well I say pulling off the sheet revealing my giant gash., there it is my giant gash." " well dang  what happened." So I tell him the whole story. " well dern. I guess that hurt." " Naw dip." 

Later that day.
" Well Mrs.Horan you can go home now, but be careful with your leg try not to move it a lot." The doctor tells me.  " k thanks." She goes and gets my crutches while a nurse wraps my leg in gauze. She comes back with crutches then we head out to the car. But as always we are bombarded by paparazzi. Thank God, Thank God, I had on my sweatshirt so they didn't see my bump. " Hannah what's wrong, do you have cancer, is it contagious, are you pregnant?" I had my head down so they couldn't see me blush. Louis came around with the car.  Niall got in the front while Brittany ,Kenzie, and harry help me in the car. Haley and Liam had already left.  " So Hannah what happened this time?" Louis asks. He is like my brother from another mother and I'm his sister from another mister. I love him so much. " bear chase." "what you got chased by a bear." " yep and it tore up my leg." " tsk tsk Hannah what am I going to do with you.?" " is the baby ok?" Brittany asks without thinking. " what baby?" Louis asks "I'm four months along with Niall's baby." " well this all makes sense now Brittany." Lou says glaring towards Brittany. 
" not my fault." " can I go just  home" I whine playfully " fine!" Louis says in a playful sassy tone. " if that's what you what." "yea Louis that's all I want and I'll make you dinner." " well if you insist." Lou says " what about me? " Niall playfully whines. " sure sweetie." I say then I loud whisper to Brittany 
" see what I have to deal with."
I say playfully. " hey I heard that." Niall complains playfully. 
" good." I say.  After our playful arguing we finally reach my house. I run to the house, get out my keys, and  dash inside. I then run to the bathroom downstairs. I had to pee so bad. I wash my hands then go to the kitchen to make dinner.  "" brit! Kenzie !Come here please." " yo!?"  " prank?" " oh yeah." They  say a devious  tone. " so here is the plan.  We take  eggs and wait  a while yell supper is ready and eggem'."  " sounds like a plan." 
-------• about 45 mins later-------
"Boys supper time!!" I yell in a devious tone. " we're in the backyard." Brittany says. 3-2-1. 
We throw egg after egg after egg. Soon they are a sloppy yellow mess. 
" Come here girls we want a hug. " Louis yells. " NO!" We yell and run.  I give Brittany and Kenzie  a look and they nod. I had a plan. Niall caught up to me but was still a little bit behind.
 " ahh" I gasp  and fall down.  " oh babe are you ok?" Niall says concerned. 
I take a egg out of my pocket break it on his face. " sucker!" I get up and run back into the kitchen. 

Niall POV
I can't I fell for that. I wipe the muck off my face and run into the kitchen. I get in there and remember Hannah is supposed to be on bed rest and on crutches. " Wait Princess you aren't supposed to be running around with your leg that injured." " Babe ill be ok. Don't worry. Plus ill sit down." She looks at Kenzie who looks at Brit who screams food fight. Oh mother of God. Food is flying and I'm trying to catch some in my mouth. But I fail. Once our food fighting has ceased. 
 Hannah says " Have fun boys!" And walks off. ( not really but you know what I mean.)  Kenzie hands us cleaning supplies. Oh. We got to clean up the kitchen.


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