Adopted by one direction

This is about a girl name Sabrina she is a 11and gets abused by her dad what happens when she runs away.


2. Were I'm I I w

I was waking up of people talking as I open my eyes I see the police. " O I see your up now miss Sabrina we need to ask a few things is that ok." "Yeah" I said  " miss Sabrina are you abuse." When he said that I want it to cry and I can the the police man can tell that i want to cry and he said " It's ok  you can tell us we will not hurt you." " my dad abuse me and he hit me yesterday and that's how I end up here." I said  " Ok miss Sabrina that's it for today. We are going to put your dad in jail ok so get some rest." And when he life I fall back to sleep.


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