Adopted by one direction

This is about a girl name Sabrina she is a 11and gets abused by her dad what happens when she runs away.


3. Adopted

To day I was going to get adopted that was fast I so happy I hope they are nice to me. A girl come in the room and said to put my close on so I did what she told me and we i put them on that's when I saw the biggest boy band call one direction. I was try not to fangirl and that's when they started to talk " Hi we are one direction I'm louis I'm zyan I'm Liam I'm Niall and I'm harry and were one direction." " Hi " is all I can say " so are you ready to go " side louis " yes " when we were going into the car some girls were calling me a mean names and it hurted me a lot but louis side don't worry about it so I did what he said.

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