Some poetry I have and want to share.


14. I Miss You.

I loved the way you laugh.

I loved the way you looked at me.

With sincerity.

I loved the way you held me in your arms. I felt all my problems leave when you did that.

I loved the way you gave me kisses. Each kiss was a seed you planted. They grew into tiny flowers.

Although we don't have what we had before, I still love you.

I miss every single part of you.

I miss all of your emotions.

I miss when we had our fights. They were pretty bad, but that's what made us what we were.

I miss talking to you. I'm pretty lonely without you.

And I can't do anything about this. We're miles apart. I bet I don't even cross my mind. But I keep in my head that one day we'll cross roads again.

I'll just keep doing what's right

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