Some poetry I have and want to share.


22. Baby

They don't understand.

They wouldn't either.

They don't know what it feels like to carry this baby in my womb for nine months.

Just so they can criticize me and call me a slut.

I'd have my body ruined because of the baby.

I'd have my monopoly ruined.

I'd be treated like dirt.

Getting that education would be harder now.

They wouldn't understand.

I'd have to get a job to support the baby.

I'd have to go though the burdens.

I would be just another statistic.

They don't understand.

It doesn't matter how I conceived the baby because to them it wouldn't matter.

All I have is my baby and I.

I can make it through this.

I will give my baby the best of things.

I will thrive and I will survive.

We will thrive and survive.

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