Our Life - (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Emma, A 19 year old girl, And Harry, and 19 year old Boy.
What happens when they bump into eachother on a regular day?
Will things crash and burn?
Or will everything turn out fine?
Affter all, It is our life.


3. Party Time

Emma's P.O.V

Hey, Krista. You have to stay home alone. You won't tell dad anything?

''Sure, Emmy.''

Oh, Alright. I handed her a $20 Bill.


Actually, I'll get Aunt Gemma. She'll take you to the mall. Here's $10. Add it to the twenty and spend it at the mall, Okay?


Aunt Gemma will be here In 5 Minutes. We can wait here untill she comes.

''Okay Emmy.''


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