Our Life - (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Emma, A 19 year old girl, And Harry, and 19 year old Boy.
What happens when they bump into eachother on a regular day?
Will things crash and burn?
Or will everything turn out fine?
Affter all, It is our life.


1. Uncle Harry

Emma's P.O.V

As i was sleeping, i was awoken by a small voice telling me to wake up. As i opened my eyes, i saw my little sister, Krista, infront of my bed.

''Daddy's leaving for work, Emmy. Is he going to be back? Is he leaving forever!?''

Her Big Brown eyes opened wide, and a tear tricked across her face.

No Krista! Daddy will be back in acouple of hours. Don't worry, Im here to take care of you. did daddy leave us any breakfast?

'' He only left some orange juice he bought yesterday. ''

Well then, that calls for Emmy's special pancakes today!, I said, as i tickled her.

Now go downstairs, so your big sister can get ready.

''Emmy! Don't make me go downstairs!''

Fine, I can't resist that face of yours. Wait on my bed while i change. okay?

''Okay Emmy. Can i ask you somthing?''

Of course you can.

''Can Uncle Harry come over?''

Actually, Uncle Harry will be here in acouple minutes.

''Yay! I'll go downstairs and wait!''

Thats fine. I will be down very soon.

I watched her as she left the room.

I put on my favorite pair of leggings, a floral shirt, and a pink cardigan.

I put my hair in a messy bun, and put on a minimal amount of makeup.

Harry's P.O.V

I can't wait to see Emma. To tell her the most amazing news!

As i walked inside of Emma's house, there was her little sister, Krista, hugging me.

Hey Krista! Is Emma making her famous pancakes for us?

''Yea! shes upstairs changing!''

Okay. Let's wait down here.


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