A Princess Story (1D Style)

Simon Cowell treats his new daughter Samantha like a princess. She becomes bestfriends with Perrie Edwards. Then she meets 1D and falls for Harry. Her birthdays coming up soon so of course she's having a ball. She insists Perrie invite the 1D guys and their girls. Will they fall in love?


2. My New Best Friend

Samantha's POV 


Me and Perrie have now been friends for almost 2 months. Today I'm meet the rest of One Direction. Other then Zayn. We walked in and Harry stared at me. I waved. He blankly stared at me. I nudged Perrie. She winked at me. I rolled my eyes.


Harrys POV 


Zayn, Perrie, and some pretty girl walked in. "Guys this is Samantha. She's Simons daughter. He treats her like a Princess…" "Shut up Perrie. That's embarrassing." Samantha interrupted Perrie. I. Couldn't take my eyes off Sam. She was wearing:

She looked flawless. She waved at me. I couldn't move. She nudged Perrie. Perrie winked. Sam rolled her eyes. She walked over and sat by me. "Hey are you ok?" She asked. "Ghid dcnsg sdofhedhf…" was all I could get out. "What? Am I too sexy for you?" She laughed. I cracked up. We both laughed. "Sorry…You're just really pretty…" I blushed. "Your not so bad yourself Styles." She playfully punched my arm. I punched her arm softly. We had a playfully short fight. "Hey gimme your phone!" She demanded. I unlocked my phone and gave it to her. She added her number. Then got out her phone and put mine in it. Then she gave me back my phone. Then Simon walked in. "Daddy!" She screamed and ran to him. They hugged. "Hey there you are." He said. She smiled at him. "Can I have the keys? I wanna go home." She asked him. He handed her the keys without question. She grabbed them and left. "Ok everyone, Sam asked me to invite you and a date to come to her birthday ball tomorrow. Gotta go! Oh Harry I need to talk to you!" She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the hall. "Wear this tie. It matches Sams dress!" She smiled. I shrugged and nodded. We hugged and then she left. 

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