A Princess Story (1D Style)

Simon Cowell treats his new daughter Samantha like a princess. She becomes bestfriends with Perrie Edwards. Then she meets 1D and falls for Harry. Her birthdays coming up soon so of course she's having a ball. She insists Perrie invite the 1D guys and their girls. Will they fall in love?


6. Leaving

Harrys POV 


I woke up and Sam was gone. I figured she was downstairs so I got up and got dressed. Her bag was gone. I saw a note on the doorknob. 




I'm now on a plane by the time your reading this. I have to go to college. I chose Harvard. It's in America. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. It was the plan all along. I should've gone the day after my birthday ball but, I wanted to be with you more. I think it's best we both move on. I've only known you a really short time, but I want you to know that I love you. And no one can ever replace you. Good bye Harry. There's a kiss mark on your cheek from my lipstick. Sorry. I'll love you forever and ever. Call me on the weekends. I Love You Harry,




I felt my cheek. Then looked at my fingers. Red lipstick. I didn't take it off. I grabbed the note and folded it. Then put it under my pillow. Then I went to the studio not caring about what people think of the kiss mark on my cheek. I went in the studio and Perrie hugged me in tears. "Is she really gone Harry?" She cried. I hugged her back letting tears fall down my cheeks. "Yeah…She kissed my cheek. I'm scared of it wearing off." I smiled at the thought. Perrie let go and got out a tissue and a bag. She pressed the tissue on my cheek and then pulled it away. Then she put it in a bag. She handed it to me. "Thank…you?" I grabbed it and put it in my pocket. Perries phone rang. She squealed. "Hey Sam." I grabbed the phone out of her hand. "Sam? Why didn't you wake me up. I miss you…" I cried. "Harry? I'm gonna go to backstage to every concert you guys do in America. I promise. But lets stay friends ok? Hand the phone to Perrie." She stopped talking. I handed it to Perrie. "Hey sista. I miss ya girl. Ok love you too." She hung up. Zayn and the guys came over and hugged us. Zayn and Perrie hugged separately. 

Im not gonna marry her like I wanted. Or be her husband and loving father. I thought we'd be together forever. I guess not… 

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