A Princess Story (1D Style)

Simon Cowell treats his new daughter Samantha like a princess. She becomes bestfriends with Perrie Edwards. Then she meets 1D and falls for Harry. Her birthdays coming up soon so of course she's having a ball. She insists Perrie invite the 1D guys and their girls. Will they fall in love?


1. Adopting

Simons POV 


I went to the orphanage closest to my house. I heard a story about a girl who's family was killed. Her boyfriend saved her. I want to adopt her.  I'll treat her like a princess. I got there and went in. "I'd like to adopt Samantha Carson? I need her quickly. I have to have this girl as my daughter. I have to!" I said to the lady. "Samantha!" She called. She came down and looked at us. "Yes?" She said sweetly with a faint but happy smile. "Meet your father. Go pack your things. Your new name is Samantha Rose Cowell." She said. Samantha squealed and hugged me. She ran upstairs and a few minutes later was back with a small bag. "Ready!" She said with a smile. I grabbed her bag and carried it outside. I drove her home and took her to her room where I had people pampering her and getting her in clothes fit for a Princess. She came down a few minutes later wearing this:






"You like it?" I asked. She twirled and nodded. I smiled. "Good." I hugged her. My phone wrang. "I have to get to the studio. Want to meet Little Mix?" I asked. She squealed and jumped up and down. "Yes! Yes I Do. Thank you daddy!" She hugged me tight. I laughed and grabbed the keys.  We drove there and Sam immediately became bestfriends with Perrie. A good day this was.

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