The Mary Worth Girls

16 year old Erika finds herself in danger when she be-friends the most popluar girls in school, Cali, Jen, Courtney, Jackie, and the "leader", Lindsay. The girls have a scary secret, they sold themselves to Mary Worth. Mary Worth wants to own more souls of beautiful girls. Erika may soon be in Mary Worth's hands. Mary Worth, the woman called Bloody Mary, wants Erika's soul.


1. New House and School

 *Erika's POV*

I walked into my new house. I hated it! I had to go to a new school! I can't hang out with my friends anymore! But, I had to admit, the house was beautiful. I took my boxes to my room. As I walked in a noticed a mirror hanging on the wall above my bed. Something about the mirror made me feel uneasy. I walked out if the room The next day was my first day of school.  I walked in to the office. They showed me where to go and all of my classrooms, and my locker combination. I went to Math, English, Social Studies, Science, then finally, it was time for lunch. 

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