The boy who saved my life.

Camryn was a self harmer. She was alone. She was depressed. She decided to leave for good. Who will save her? Read to find out. (P.S. t]his is my first story so if you liked it please like it and if you want a personal one, tell me what your name is, your apperance, age, and about you. Thamks xx


3. That morning.

                                          *Camryn's Pov

                  I woke smell bacon. I walked downstairs into the kitchen. "Morning, Beautiful." Niall said. I blushed. "Moring, Handsome." "I made you eggs and bacon. Enjoy" Niall said while handing me my plate. "Thank you." "Welcome, gorgeous." He walked over and kissed me on the cheek and sat down in front of me with his breakfast. We ate and went to get dressed for the zoo. I wore a light pink crop top with a black skirt and white converse. Yes my arms where showing. I wasn't ashamed when I was around Niall. I loved being around him all the time. I think i'm starting to love him. I went into the bathroom and done my makeup and curled my hair and out a white bow in the back while it was holding my bangs back. I went downstairs and Niall was waiting for me. 

                                        *Niall's POV

                  I was waiting downstairs for Camryn. She walked down. Damn she looked beautiful. "You look beautiful, Camryn. She smiled and blushed. I noticed she was showing her arms. I think shes more confident. That amazing. We walked to the car. I opened the door for her and waited until she was in before i ran around the car and got in myself. We got to the zoo and paid our way in. Me and Camryn walked around. As we were walking I noticed how everyone was looking at Camryn weird. Shes not a monster. Why does everyone think shes crazy? 

                                      *Camryn's POV

                    I looked around and everyone was giving me weird looks. I grabbed Niall's hand. I felt more safe when i was holding his hand. I started to cry and buried my face into Niall's chest. "Shhh dont cry. Ignore them. There just staring at you because your so stunning." "No they think i'm a freak." Me and Niall decided to go get some Nando's for lunch. We got take out though so we didn't have to have everyone see my arms. We brought the food home and watched tv. I decided to take a shower. I went upstairs and stripped naked. I hated my reflection but I felt a little better about my apperance from Niall's compliments. I got into the shower and felt the warm water trickle down my body. It was a amazing shower. I got changed into sweatpants and a tank top. I went back downstairs to Niall. For about 2 hours we sat there talking about our lives. Then the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and there was 4 boys. "Hello, can I help you?" "Um.. Is Niall here?" Niall came up behind me and told them to come in. He introduced me to his friends. "Nice to meet you , Camryn." Louis said. "What are all those cuts on your arms from?" Liam asked. "Um.... I umm....self harm...." "Oh... why your so beautiful?" said Harry. "Thank you." Me and the boys got talking about there lives. I felt confident around them to. They didn't care what i looked like. I finally said goodnight and hugged them all and kissed Niall on the cheek. 

                                          *Niall's POV

                     Camryn was going to bed and as she was leaving she kissed me on the cheek. Sparks. "AWEEEE" "What?" "I think Camryn likes you." harry said. "yeah and I think you like her to." said Zayn. "Why would you think I like her?" i said. "Because you blushed and smiled." said Liam. "Whatever. Im going to bed so i'll see you guys soon." i said walking to the door. They left as i walked into my room. I went to sleep ready for tomorrow. 

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