The boy who saved my life.

Camryn was a self harmer. She was alone. She was depressed. She decided to leave for good. Who will save her? Read to find out. (P.S. t]his is my first story so if you liked it please like it and if you want a personal one, tell me what your name is, your apperance, age, and about you. Thamks xx


2. Niall's Place.

               Niall's place was HUGE. It had 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms,a pool, a hangout, living room, game room, and a kitchen. I was amazed. "Woah...." "You like it?" "This place is amazing!!" "Yeah a little, oh ill show you your room." He took me to the guest bedroom. It was across the hall from his. He helped me unpack my things. I was really starting to enjoy this place. 

                      *Niall's POV

            I started to help unpack Camryn's things. "So, Camryn can i ask you a question?" "Yeah, sure what is it?" "Why do you cut?" She sighed. "It is the only way i can control the pain inside." "Well, i'm going to make sure you live a happy life." She giggled. God I love her laugh.  I looked into her blue/green eyes. She smiled at me and walked up to me. "We should get something to eat." "Yeah, I'm always hungry." She chuckled. We walked downstairs and I needed to go to the store."Want to go with me to the store?" "Yeah sure." We got into the car and drove off. 

                      *Camryn's POV

             We got to the store. We went in and started looking for things to get. When we were waiting in line to check out a girl that was near whispered "Eww look at that girl! She has cuts all down her arm. Gross!!" to her friend. They laughed. I heard them and looked at Niall. He walked to the girls and said,"You need to shut the fuck up because that girl with cuts on her arms if fucking gorgeous. You have no idea what she has been through." He walked back and looked into my eyes. A couple of tears ran down my cheeks. Niall wiped them away, "Smile" he said. I smiled and he smiled back. He paid for the food and we went home. We decided to eat sandwiches.I had 2 and Niall had 3. That boy sure loved to eat. We went into the living room and watched a couple movies. I ended up falling asleep on his lap.

                        *Niall's POV

              Camryn fell asleep on my lap. God she was gorgeous. I started to play with her hair. Little after the movie ended and i carried Camryn up to her room. I laid her down and put to covers on her. I kissed her forehead and said goodnight. I went into my room and fell asleep as well. 

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