The boy who saved my life.

Camryn was a self harmer. She was alone. She was depressed. She decided to leave for good. Who will save her? Read to find out. (P.S. t]his is my first story so if you liked it please like it and if you want a personal one, tell me what your name is, your apperance, age, and about you. Thamks xx


5. He's Mine.

                                          *Camryn's POV

             I was awake for a while now and Niall was still sleeping. I decided to make breakfast. I went downstairs and made biscuit and gravy. I was stiring the gravy and I felt hands snake around my waist. "Moring, beautiful." "Good moring , handsome. I turned around and kissed him. I don't know why but i did. "Sorry." "It's okay i liked it." I laughed. I gave him his plate and made mine. "Camryn, will you be my girlfriend?" What did he just ask? This can't be, I must be dreaming. " Of course." I smiled. He walked over to me and planted a kiss on my lips. We went out shopping and to different fun places. I went to sleep in Niall's arms. It felt so right. I finally have my prince, and he has his princess. 


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