The boy who saved my life.

Camryn was a self harmer. She was alone. She was depressed. She decided to leave for good. Who will save her? Read to find out. (P.S. t]his is my first story so if you liked it please like it and if you want a personal one, tell me what your name is, your apperance, age, and about you. Thamks xx


1. That School Day.

               I woke up early to my brother screaming at my dad. They are always like that. I got up and                    went to use the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. I hated my reflection. I always was the fat ugly friend. I done my makeup and hair and then went into my room. I got dressed. I wore a long black sleeve shirt to cover my scars with ripped jeans and converse. I grabbed my phone. headphones, and bag. I went downstairs and grabbed a apple. I ate it and then headed off for school. I got to school and put my bag in my locker. I went to my first class. I was getting called fat and worthless. There was a new student. He had blonde hair and baby blue eyes. He was gorgeous. I seen him stand up and walk over to the group of kids bullying me. He yelled at them to stop. They threatned to punch him. The teacher walked in at the time he was about to throw his fist at the new boy. She sent him to the office. After class the new boy came to me to introduce himself. "Hi, I'm Niall." "Camryn." I responded. He had this cute Irish accent. I loved it. "Thanks for telling those boys to back off." i said. "No problem, I hate bullies. The way they can make someone so depressed." he said. "Yeah..." is all I said. "I was wanting to know if you could show me around." he asked. "Yeah sure." i responded. 

                      *Niall's POV

                I asked Camryn if she could show me around. She said yes. I gave her my classes list. "I have all the classes you do." she said. 'Oh, Cool!" i said. We walked to all our classes and then it was lunch. Camryn showed me where it was. She walked into line and got her food. I watched her walk to a table that was empty. She ate in silence. I got my food and went over and joined her. 

                      *Camryn's POV

                Niall came and sat with me. Why does he want to sit with me? I'm worthless. "Hows your family?" Niall asked. "My mom died a couple months ago and my dad and my brother are always fighting." i replied. "I'm sorry." He said. "It's okay. What about your family? I asked. "My mom and dad are great and so is my brother. He said. "That's good." i said. After i took a bite of my banana, the jocks walked in. They got there food and sat down at the table behind me. Great. A little later the main jock started throwing food at me and Niall. Niall stood up and yelled, "FUCK YOU! DON'T EVER THROW FOOD AT CAMRYN AGAIN." I was shocked. Niall sat back down. 'You didn't have to do that. It's normal for them to throw food at me." I said to Niall. "It shouldn't be!" Niall relied. Then the bell rang i said goodbye to Niall and went to the bathroom. The most popular girl in school was in there with her gang. "Oh look, the worthless freak is still living. Why don't you go kill yourself already?" She said. I ran out crying. Niall was standing by the bathroom door. I ran down the hall. Niall ran after me. I ran all the way home. Crying eyes out. I ran in. No one was home. Perfect time to do this. I locked the door just in case no one could come in. I went into the bathroom. I brought out my blade. I cut a few new fresh cuts on my wrist. They were but i didn't care. I went to the medician cabnit. I grabbed a couple of pill bottles. I went to open it. I couldn't get the damn cap off. I heard someone kick the door in. Niall was screaming for me but i was ready to leave. 

                    *Niall's POV

               I followed Camryn home. She locked the boor but i found a way to kick it in. I started screaming her name looking for her. I heard sobbing in the bathroom. I went and opened the door. "I CANT GET THE CAP OFF!" Camryn yelled. I ran to her. There was blood all over the floor. I looked at the bloody blade in the sink and then at her wrist. I look the pills from her. She started to close her eyes. She stopped breathing. Her heart beat slowing down. I was shaking her. She wasn't waking up. I picked her up and into the living room and called the ambulance. They quickly took her away. I ran to the hospital. No matter how far it was. I think I love her. I finally got there and asked for her room number. I ran into her room. She was laying there... She looked so beautiful. They way her blonde hair flowed and her body was perfectly curved. She was quite small though.. I was afraid i would break her when i picked her up earlier. She could see her ribs and her hip bones and she had a gap between her thighs. Wasn't to thin though but she was eating. I'm glad. Her eyes started to flutter open. Shes alive!!!!!!!! 

                    *Camryn's POV 

                 I suddenly wake up. I see Niall. He does care. Wait what am i saying? No one does. "Hey..." i said. "You alive!" Niall said. I realized thaat Niall had blood covering some spot on his white t-shirt. I glance at my wrist. I start crying. "No shhhh it's okay dont cry." Niall said walking to me hugging me. "Why?" i asked. "Why what?" Niall asked. "Why did you save me?" I asked. "Because i care about you." He responded. "Why did you try to commit suicide?" Niall asked. "I want the pain gone." i replied. "I'll try to make it go away." He said. I seen him glance at my arms. I hide them. He walked and sat beside me. He took my arm and kissed my scars. "Please never do it again. I can't stand the thought of you being hurt." He said. "I'll try. I said. There was a knock on the door. The nurse walked in. "Camryn your ready to leave. Pick up your meds as you sign out please." She said. "Thank you." I replied. Niall drove me home in his car that his friend brought to the hospital for him. When i got home i asked him to come help me take all my stuff in. I walked in and saw a note on the coffee table. It read, "were leaving you here alone. Good luck on trying to find money you worthless piece of shit. -Dad" I let a tear drop. I showed Niall the note. "Pack your stuff , your living with me. "I couldn't do that Niall." i said. "Well, to bad because you are. I hugged him and we went upstairs to pack. 


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