Let's Build A Lego House

I'm entering the Inspired by a Song Contest. So fan and like. :) When they say okay, it means forever. But when we say always, its our forever. We build a strong solid relationship. We work hard for what we deserve. And I will do anything for you. Any day, hour, minute and second. Just let me know when your ready, Alice.....


4. She will return

~ Ed

Today I'm 17 years old. It's been 9 years since Alice and I have seen each other. She moved with her dad a few months after our argument over legos. She will be be back for 11th grade this semester but I need to apologize. This will be the best song ever. Not just a song about relationships, friendships or internal struggle. I really need to tell her how I feel. I'm gonna base the song off of our past. I will call it Lego House. 

"Ed!!?," mum called.

"Yes, mum?" I asked

"Someone's on the phone ."


                                   *PHONE CONVERSATION*

Me: Hello?

Alice's mum: Hello, how are you?"

Ed: I'm knackered thinking about what to do when Alice comes. I think I should apologize for the lego fight.

Alice's mum: No, you don't have to apologize for that. I called to tell you Alice is coming tomorrow. 

Ed: Thanks. Could I take her out tomorrow evening?

Alice's mum: She's all yours. Maybe around 8:00.

Ed: Thanks. Bye

Alice's mum: No problem.




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