Let's Build A Lego House

I'm entering the Inspired by a Song Contest. So fan and like. :) When they say okay, it means forever. But when we say always, its our forever. We build a strong solid relationship. We work hard for what we deserve. And I will do anything for you. Any day, hour, minute and second. Just let me know when your ready, Alice.....


7. Perfect date for the Perfect Girl


I'm so excited. I'm going out with Ed tonight. I went home and hung around. At about 7:00 I took a shower and washed my hair. I got out of the shower put my robe and beanie on.

I decided on my make up. I walk out the bathroom to my make-up station. I put some aqua eyeshadow. Some light pink/purple blush to match my hair and the sparkles. Some aqua mascara on and some eyeliner. To top off my make up I put on some very light orchid lipstick. I was done. So I got up from my make-up desk, walked into my bedroom. I get the dress from the box. I put on a black bra and matching panties. I put the dress on. It looks amazing. I zipped it up and put my sparkling silver heels on. I dried my hair completely and looked at myself in my door mirror. Personally I think this is the first time for me: 1. going on a date with someone i actually like. 2. wearing a aqua dress 3. wearing heels (I'm a flats person) 4. Considering wearing my aqua beanie with the pink and white bow on it. I got my phone and walked downstairs. My mum looked up and walked towards me in shock.

"Alice, y-you look lovely."

"Thanks mum."

"I want you to go out tonight and....."

I cut her off, "I know go out tonight and have fun but not too much fun. Drink but not too much. Kiss Ed but don't go to far. I know mum."

"You forgot the one about walk in those heels and don't break your neck." We laughed

All of a sudden the doorbell rang. I walked to the door pacing myself remembering these are 5 inch heels. I opened the door and saw Ed. He had a bouquet of aqua, pink and purple flowers.

They were lovely.

"Thanks Ed."

"Anything for you love." He walked up to my mum and kissed her hand. "Thanks for everything."

"No problem Ed. You and Alice go have fun. Surprise no curfew."

"Thanks mum. I love you." I kissed her on the cheek and walked out of the house hand in hand with Ed.

We got into Ed's Audi R9. We drove to the park. There sat a candlelight dinner. Ed walked over and pulled my chair out. Then walked over and sat down. Out of nowhere a waiter came with our food. He walked away. Ed pulled out his guitar.


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