Let's Build A Lego House

I'm entering the Inspired by a Song Contest. So fan and like. :) When they say okay, it means forever. But when we say always, its our forever. We build a strong solid relationship. We work hard for what we deserve. And I will do anything for you. Any day, hour, minute and second. Just let me know when your ready, Alice.....


2. Childhood Fun

~ Ed

I'm Ed Sheeran. I'm 8 years old. Today my best friend Alice is coming over. We are gonna play with our brand new lego sets that we gave each other for Christmas. She came and played together from 1:00 - 7:00. We only took a break for some cookies and tea. We had a fight over who gets the golden lego crown.

Alice started yelling at me telling me its hers because she picked it out. We went into the art center and sat in chairs and our backs facing each other. About 7:20 Alice's mum came to pick her up. I have always had a small feeling in the pit of my stomach. I think, I like Alice. Ever since our Christmas kiss

                                     *CHRISTMAS '97*

Me: Here Alice.

Alice:  Thanks Ed (opens present and smiles)

She kisses me on the cheek and then looks away.

                               *FLASHBACK ENDED*

Alice left and I was sad. She just doesn't understand. I miss her. I feel so terrible for making her cry. I wish she knew how much I needed the crown.





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