You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



23. You Again .

Harry's POV 

We went back to L's House and we ate some pasta that Jenna cooked us followed by some fried oreos . Jenna and Niall are perfect for each other . Now I wish it would be the same for L and I . We all went to the living room and watched some teen news

"One Direction heart throb Harry Styles seen with old friend today at the mall . Stories heard that she fo-" it got cut off by Jenna shutting off the tv

"Wait , bu-" L started

"SO , let's talk sleeping arrangements ? Yeah ? " She started . 

Larriza looked pretty irritated . Her face was red and her eyes were watery .


I'm so irritated . I'm seriously barely holding in the tears . They are all holding something . They're not telling me something and I can't help it . I can see Curly staring at me . But I could care less . 

"Okay we have one sp-" I cut her off by standing up .

"Night" I said coldly and I trudged to my room . When I got there , I locked the door and ran to my bed and just let everything out . It was a silent hard crying session . A mix of emotion just fumbling out through my eyes . I got up and went into my bathroom . I looked and saw my eyeliner was smudged since my face was terribly oily . It's so gross . I washed my face and put my moisturizer on . Then I changed into my shorts and a tank for Jamies' . I went to my bed and watched DisneyChannel until I heard a knock on the door . I got up to open it just to see ...


Jenna's POV

She just left . We were just quiet for a good 5 awkward minutes . 

"I'm tired guys ! Let's talk seating arrangements !"

Everyone nodded their head in agreement .

"Okay , we have one space in my room , one space in L's room , two spaces in the guest room , and one here in the living room . "I handed them all a piece of paper and a pencil . "Don't start writing till' I say go . No cheating . The first person that writes what they want gets their choice . Okay ? " The boys all nodded at me 

"GO !" All the boys had their pencils down on the paper . First Niall's , then Louis' , after Zayn , then Liam's , then Harry . 

I opened them One by one...

"Niall is with me" I said

"YES !"he cheered 

"Louis gets the living room "

"Zayn gets the bed in the spare room "

"Liam , you're on the inflatable bed in the guest room"

"And Harry , you're with L" My jaw clenched and I looked up at him to see him smirking . 

"Okay everyone , let's get ready for bed . Harry , a word please ?"

"Sure " he said following me to the hallway

"What the fuck is wrong with you ? Wasn't I specific that I said to Stay AWAY from her ? " I spat out

"Well , wasn't I specific that I wouldn't ?" I said smirking

"You're off on a god damn limb curly" I said putting my thumb ad index together . 

"Look Jenna , I really love Larriza . I was stupid and drunk . Please ! Just give me a chance with her ? I promise to love her and treat her right ! " He said with pleading eyes 

"ugh ... fine... "

"OH THANK YOU JENNA ! " he said pulling me into a bone crushing hug 

"if she even remembers you.." I mumbled quietly

"What was that Jenna?" he turned and said to me 

"Uh .. Nothing !" I said smiling to him 


Harry's POV 

YES ! I got my girl ! Now all I got to do is make her forget the past .I was stupid and drunk and . I don't know . I need her back ! I went to knock on her door . I heard her bead creek which meant she got  up . I heard shuffling of feet which means she's tired and lazy to get up . I heard a click of the lock which meant she unlocked it . I saw the knob turning slightly . She looked at me with red puffy eyes.

She rolled her eyes "You again ?"


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