You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



14. Who are you ?


"is she okay ?" I hear ...

What's going on ? i'm trying to open my eyes but I can't ! HELP ! I try to shout but I cant open my eyes . I scrunch my nose because I want to see if anyone can see it . Nope . I try screaming again but all I hear is a faint mumble

"Larriza ?" I heard someone say . They grabbed my hand and I tried my hardest to get some feeling is my body . I felt a small shock in my body and imediatly opened my eyes . It took a while for my eyes to transition to the light . I blinked a couple times and I looked around the room . I saw Jenna , two other girls , and a doctor . 

"Jenna ? " She was crying

"I have a few questions "

"Go ahead L"

"First , what happen to me ?"

"L , you got hit by a car and you got into a coma .

"For how long ?" 

"a month..."

"Wow .. okay . Second " she nodded " Who are they ? " I said pointing to the two girls .

"Oh sorry ! I'm Alondra , i'm your co-worker at Star bucks ! "

"And i'm Sinay , Jenna's co-worker at the Disney Store ! "

"L , you don't remember them ?" I shook my head no 

"The crash was a full on head collision . She got knocked out into a coma . She lost some of her memory but you can try to jog it back by bring some stuff up slowly . " She said then looked at me " Larriza , you're so lucky to be alive right now . Congratulations " She said smiling

"Thanks doc. When can I go home ? "

"Today if your tests go well "

"Okay "

"So let me go check on those tests and I will be right back " she said and left the room 

"Larriza ? " I hear Jenna say

"huh ? " 

"What do you remember ? "

"Well , I remember You woke me up and tole me we were gonna go to Disneyland .. But I don't remember anything after that . " Hopefully I didn't forget something important ...


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