You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



33. WHAT ?!

Niall's POV

I wonder what happen to L Harry and Jenna , they all just left . I feel so alone . Zayn is too busy trying to get at Sinay , Louis and Alondra keep making out every 5 seconds . And here , at the table eating a sandwhich looking at my phone . I go on the news and see L , she went to go to try out for modeling ? Good for her . You're probably wondering , how do I know ? Well , now since they are hanging out with us , they have paparazzi following them . I keep scrolling to see anything about Jenna going to help her sister . hmm. Huh ? I see Jenna's name , just not with her sister's . It's with Harry . And a picture of them from the Park TODAY ?!

"Paparazzi has spot Harry Styles teen heart throb from the forming band of One Direction Dating Larriza Alice , Regular worker , with Jenna Heart , best friends with Larriza and regular worker and dating Niall Horan from One Direction , together at a park . Are there sparks flying between them ? What will happen to Larriza and Niall ? That's it for today's Hollywood News with M. Come back Ne-" 

I'm just gonna cut this bull shit . I don't know what to believe . The stupid tabloid , or the fact that Jenna lied to me to hang out with Harry . I felt my eyes wetting up a little bit . But I trust Jenna , and Even if she did lie , she probably had a good reason behind it . I began to eat my sandwich again . When I finished , I went to go watch some TV when Larriza stormed into the house 

"Woah ! What happen ?"I asked her

"Why don't you as your 'Girlfriend' " she said with quotes around girlfriend . 

no no no no no no no no no 

this is not good . 

So that means that ,

oh my nandos. 

Jenna and Harry STORM IN ! 

I am SO heated up I went straight in Harry's face 

"GET OFF MY GIRL! " And My fist connected with his jaw straight away ! I pushed him to the ground repeatedly hitting him in his not so pretty face anymore

"NIALL GET OFF HIM ! " Jenna tried pushing me off . I got up . 

"Take him . I don't want you anymore" I said going straight past her . 

I went upstairs to Larriza's room

"open up , it's just Niall " the door opened . and I closed it straight away locking it . She was on the floor . Not crying on the outside but on the inside , she was practically dead . Wen I got in , I burst out in tears . She came over to me and calmed me down .

"C-Can y-y-you p-please tell m-me what ha-happen ? " I said barely able to speak because of my crying so hard . 

"Well, i went out for a modeling gig since everybody was busy , and  I couldn't find you so I did that and when I was done I went for a nice stroll in the park so while I was doing that I saw a couple" her voice died a little "A c-couple and they were having fun together . I saw her fall on him and they stayed in th-that position while laughing . A-and I got closer and I realized it was , it was um .." She sounded like she was going to burst out any second

"It's okay , you don't have to finish" I said , but she shook her head . 

"It was er ,"  she breathed " Harry and Jenna and they looked at me and this happened and I just , I don't know what to do Niall " She said starting to cry again .

"Shhh , shh . " I tried comforting " We should really talk to them , I mean , we just jumped to conclusions. I feel bad anyway . " I confessed

"Wait , why ?" She said looking at me 

"I punched Harry" I said quietly . 

"You did what !? " She yelled at me 

"I'm sorry ! I-I freaked out ! I- I thought she ch-cheated on me ! WITH HIM ! " I screamed

She took a deep breath . "It's okay Niall . Let's go talk to them yeah ?" she asked 


"WAIT !"she screamed

"I need to fix my face"she said and I rolled my eyes

"Larriza , You're face is okay" I reassured her .

"No it's not ! I have make-up smeared everywhere , My outfit is too formal and I'm not arguing with you right now Niall ! " She snapped

I put my hands up in defeat 

Larriza's POV .

Back to the bathroom for me doing the walk of shame. This is the 3rd time he's made me cry like this before . I can't take it . I need to get through to him one way or another . I wash my face and put on my Nimu owl Onesie and my tiger slippers .

And stepped out . 

"Let's go" I said .

We went downstairs to see Jenna and Harry crying at the kitchen table . 

"L!" Harry said

"Niall" Jenna said

harry went to go hug me and Niall went to go hug Jenna

But Niall and I didn't hug back . He let go feeling guilty and I went to go sit down at the table with everyone following . 

"L please , let us explain " I nodded my head 

"Babe , I asked Jenna to teach me how to board and I wanted to surprise you tomorrow with my newly epic skills I was supposed to learn today . Nothing happened between us . " 

"God , I feel like an Idiot . I'm sorry babe , i'm sorry J" I said putting my head in my hands . 

"Harry , i'm so sorry mate , I , I wan't thinking straight , I though that , you know . " Harry nod his head . "Jenna , babe , I am so so sorry " he started 

"No , Niall , i'm sorry for lying to you ."

"See , we're still a happy family " I said walking over to Harry and sitting on his lap . 

"I love you babe" Harry said to me with his bruised eye . Niall punches hard . 

"I love you too " he said kissing my nose . 

Louis and Alondra walk in hand in hand giggling with each other . When they look at us , they look surprised . 

"Woah , what did we miss? " Louis said 

"Maybe if you took a break from sucking each other's faces off , you'll know " Niall joked and we all started laughing . Zayn and Sinay walked in and just started laughing with us . 

Liam came in with red and puffy eyes 

"Danielle cheated on me" 


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