You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



16. WHAT ?!

Jenna's POV

"B-bridget" I stammered . She's here . I hate her guts . 

"Jenna babe , long time no see huh ? "

"What do you want Bridget ? "  Larriza said 

"her" she said pointing to me

"m-me" I said "what do you want with me ? " 

"I want you to suffer . You deserve to die Jenna . You're unwanted in this earth . I don't want you here , Eduardo didn't want you and heck , they probably don't want you " she said pointing at L , Sinay , and Alondra "Me and Eduardo had so much fun together and we ALWAYS had to hide it for your virgin ass . " 

" You know what Bridget , you're just a SLUT ! I hate you so much ! Yes , i'm a virgin . I don't just throw it around like a ball . unlike you who always has some in your god damn mouth ! You know what , all you cause is drama , that's why you don't have any friends ! Because they don't want to put up with you ! I hate you ! Just stay out of my life ! " That was one of the first times I have cursed like that before . The tears were threatening to spill out but I held my ground . 

"Aww , sweetie , don't worry , i'll be out of your life but , you're the one that's gonna be leaving it " she smirked . She grabbed her bag and grabbed a gun and shot all I remember is hearing a shot and fainting . 




"is she awake ? " I heard L's desperate voice fill my ears 

I slowly started to open my eyes revealing the really bright light my eyes were seeing . I sat up and checked over my body . No bruises , no blood . No hole in my body . What is going on ?

"L ? Did I get shot ? " I asked

"No no Jenna , um ..." she hesitated 

I turned to Sinay

"Sinay , what happen ? " 

"umm.."she didn't say it .

"Where's Frida ? " I asked

"J... She jumped in front of the bullet . She's ...." L started 

"I killed someone ..." I said quietly

"No jenna , you didn't kill anyone . She wanted to die .. I mean , she's probably happy " Alondra said trying to comfort me 

"It doesn't matter ! That bullet should have got me ! I deserve to die ! " i started sobbing in my hands . 

"Jenna , Look at me , she wanted to die . That's on her . Don't put this on you . The only thing you should be worrying about is that , she got away .."L explained

"WHAT ?! " I screamed 


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