You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
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38. Truth or Dare

Jenna's POV

One Jennifer and Luke came into the room , there was a lot of tension in the room . Hopefully the air is less bad when the game begins.

Harry's POV

And the game begins

"I WANNA START !" Niall yells

"okay Harry truth or dare" he asks me

"truth" I say smiling . I know he wants me to chose dare to do something ridiculous.

"Dang it , okay , fine. Is it true that you like L?" he says

"No , it's not" I saw and I look at her .

she puts her head down . i move her head so it's facing me .

"I am madly in love with her" I say kissing her. 

"Aww , how cute . MY TURN !" Alondra screamed. She is just like Louis.

"Zayn , truth or dare?"

"Dare" he says smiling . 

At this point Sinay looks super scared on what she's going to dare him to do . 

"hmm, I dare you to kiss Sinay , ON THE LIPS ! for 10 seconds ! haha" 

Sinay's POV

I mentally face palm myself . I turn to Zayn and he puts his hands on my face gently cupping it . And we both lean in . The kiss is nice and soft . We keep going until we hear a cough. 

"okay guys , that was like a minute" Alondra says smirking and we immediately start blushing . 

Jennifer's POV

This game is fun and i'm happy i've made new friends . Thankfully nobody has dared me to fo anything yet. 

"Can I go ?" Luke asks 

everyone nods their head

" Michael, truth or dare" 


"I dare you to give Calum a lap dance"

"Oh gosh! Why would you dare him to do that?!" Calum says embarrassed .

"Nope , a dare is a dare !" i say and everybody starts laughing when michael tried to give his best girl voice. 

After the dance , my stomach hurts from laughing. 

"ME! Okay , Jenny ! Truth or dare ?!" Calum asks

ehh i'll chose dare , even though i'm aware that he's gonna try to get me back ." Dare" i saw 

"Well , a dare IS a dare so i dare YOU to SNOG Luke !" he says smiling 

oh , this isn't gonna end well. 

Luke looks at me and he pulls me by the waist so our foreheads are touching . I reach my hands up and put it at the nape of his neck and our lips connect . it's nothing compared to Liam but it's getting there . We finally pull away and I see that Liam's gona and everybody is on their phone . 

"Babes , check your instagram" L says without looking away from her phone. I get on instagram and I see that there was 11 pictures from each of their accounts , except for Liam's , of me and Luke kissing . I look at luke and he's blushing.. 

"Guys ! " I say embarrased. 

they all look up and laugh at me 

"you guys were snogging for a good 5 minutes so we got bored" Niall said . 

"Are you guys sleeping over?" L asks us

I look at Luke and he nods. "Yeah " 

"YAY !"

So luke goes off with the guys and I go with the girls . 

"So do you know what's up with Liam ? he just left while you guys were macking . " Alondra said

"Oh gosh . " I explained everything to them . I mean even though I barely met all of them except for Larriza , I knew I can trust them . 

"Yeah , I wanna go talk to him " I said

"Well , he went to the back yard" Sinay said smiling . 

"Okay , i'll catch up later" I said walking to the abck yard . I should have know . His thinking place was always outside . I see Liam sitting on the side of the pool with his feet in the water . I go and sit next to him . 

"Hey" I said

he turns his head so I can see his red and puffy eyes. 

"Hi" he says with a shaky and barely audible voice

"Look , Liam . Wha-"

I got cut off by his lips connecting with mine

"I still love you" he says

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