You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



29. Till' tomorrow ;D

1DForever<3 GOOD JOB ! You figured out what happen x) So here's a little shoutout for you

I've decided to update every other day , and make the chapters longer for you guys . Here's the catch , I need AT LEAST 1 like every other day when I update :)


Larriza's POV

After harry closed the door , he grabbed me and looked straight into my eyes . 

"We need to talk" He said to me .

"I have nothing to say to you" I spat 

"Please L ? Please ?" he said begging . I looked at him . He had sadness and guilt in his voice . I wouldn't blame him . 

"5 minutes , talk."

Harry's POV

Okay , I had to let everything go , right now . I sat on her bed and when she wasn't looking , I slipped her jounal back under her pillow . 

"L , I love you . I've loved you since the first day I ever laid eyes on you back at Disneyland . Remember ? I loved how your brown eyes sparked up when you said something or saw something that fascinated you . I hated when you cried although you looked beautiful while doing it . I want to be yours and yours only . I know I've made a mistake and I keep beating myself up for it . I know it'll kill me to see you with somebody else that's not me . I know i've been a douche , but I just , I love you so much .." I poured out 

She looked up at me , her eyes crystallizing , she was an Angel . She hugged me and cried into my shirt . 

"L?" I asked

"Yes Harry ?"

"will you go on a date with me ?" I asked her ?

"A date ? I thought you were going to ask me to be your girlfriend ? " she said sounding a bit upset

"No it's not that , I want to start slow . I don't want to rush things . " she nodded

"Okay , when ?" 

"Tomorrow . From when you wake up , to when you go to sleep . "I said "Tomorrow , i'm going to treat you like a princess, my princess . " I said kising her cheek . 

"okay" she said smiling . 

I got up to leave her room 

"where are you going ?" she asked me 

"I'm going to sleep on the couch " I said 

"n-no , come here " she said . 

I went on the air mattress and she shook her head and patted the seat next to her . I got up from the mattress and layed next to her . 

"I have to change " she said . She got up and went through her drawers . 

"shit" she said

"What happen babe?" I asked her

"We didn't do laundry yet so I don't have clothes to sleep in ." She said frowning . I got up and got a pair of joggers and a ramones t-shirt and gave it to her .

"Here , wear these " I said . She took the clothes and turned around with her back facing me . I went back to the bed and she took off her shirt . Her nice smooth back and her black bra were showing . Then her skirt came off , showing her lace Victoria secret underwear . I'm going to be quite honest , I was getting hard . She put on the clothes I gave her and she looked ..

HOT ! 

"wow" I said

"what was that Harry ?" she said turning around 

"nothing" i said quietly . she layed down next to me and hugged me . I her body fit in with mine perfectly . 


His shirt smelled



I went to bed and hugged him . his tall frame perfectly fitting my smaller one . it was well . perfect . He put his hands on my waist and pulled me close . I missed him but I don't know if I could be with him for what he did . We'll see tomorrow

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