You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



26. Store

Harry's POV

That night was amazing ! I 'm so glad that she took me back . I longed to smell her berry shampoo and her scent in general . So sweet . I took a quick shower and went downstairs , L was still sleeping so I decided to leave her be . I was having a laughing sesh. with Louis , when L walked downstairs with morning hair and a a robe around her body .

"Morning" she said quietly while yawning . 

"Morning babe" I said as she sat down next to me while I pecked her cheek . Louis stared at me smiling . 

"Well , i'm going to leave you guys to it " Louis said standing up and leaving the room .

"How'd you sleep ? " She asked me

"Now that you're asking , I slept great , thanks for asking . " I said . she nodded 

"Well , 'm going to make some breakfast babe . " I said kissing her forehead and walking to the kitchen . I saw Jenna go up to L and explode at her . But at a whispering volume so I couldn't hear .


Harry went to go make some breakfast , that's nice . J came up to me with a mad expression on her face .

"What ?" I asked her

"I should be asking you the same question . Like , WHAT are you doing with Harry ? " She said . I don;t understand why she's so mad ! 

"What do you mean " I asked her confused

"Why . Are . You . Dating . Harry ?! " She said through her teeth . 

"Well , we're dating ! " I said cheerful . 

"No , that can't happen . You NEED to break up with him . NOW . "she said . and she was SERIOUS . 

"Uh , what the actual fuck Jenna ? You don't control ME or MY love life . " I said rolling my eyes . 

"Fine then  Larriza . Don't listen to me . But I warned you . " huh ?

"Whatever you say " I replied . 


I didn't mean to explode on her like that . It's not her fault . I mean , she lost that memory for God's sake . I should be exploding at Harry right now . That's what i'm going to do . I walked into the kitchen to see Harry whisteling while making Pancakes . He turned to look at me then smiled 

"i'm making pancakes . Want some ? " He asked 

"3 Please " I said and he nodded .  I shook my head . That was not what i'm here for . 

"Harry . " I said sternly . 

"Why the fuck are you dating L ?" I said

"Well , I love her and You gave me permission " he said . Huh ? 

"Huh ? No I did not . I said you can bunk with her . " I said angrily . 

He chuckled ! WHY WOULD HE BE CHUCKLING  ?! " No you didn't I asked you if I can have one more chance with her and you said Y . E . S . " he said spelling out yes . 

"NO I DIDN'T ! " I yelled back 

"Oh , but you did . You really don't have to worry Jenna ! I'll treat her right and with respect . I made a mistake ! Please Jenna ! You won't regret it ! I Swear ! If you give me ONE chance ! PLEASE !" 

God , can this boy complain any less 


"YAY ! " he exclaimed clapping his hands .

I took a step towards him and pointed my finger at him . "But , remember this , if you hurt that girl out there , I will NOT , I repeat NOT  hesitate to hurt you . " I said walking out . 



Alondra and Sinay came over again and we were all siting in the living room

"So what do you guys want to do today ? " Alondra spoke up 

"I don't know guys , I heard it was going to rain . " Louis said putting his arm around Alondra . 

"I guess we could all just stay in and watch some movies ? " Zayn said trying to hit on Sinay 

"HANDS OFF . " Sinay said . And Zayn putting his hands up . 

2 Hours Later ~

"OKay guys , let's get this party started ! " I said and all of them laughed . 

"Don't do that again " Niall said laughing . 

I pouted "fine" I said and Niall kissed my forehead and put his arm around me .

"Aww , guys , there's no more popcorn ! " Larriza said from the kitchen 

a sea of 'awe's come about . 

"Don't worry , i'll go get some  !" she said 

Yaaaay's came 

"But it's pouring outside " I said

More awwww's 

"I can go with her " Harry offered 

Yaaaaaay ! 


We grabbed an umbrella so we can share and we left to the store . Once we got there . We left out umbrella in the drying section and started doing our shopping . Harry grabbed my hand and interlocked my fingers with his . Never letting go . We ended up buying Ice cream , whipped cream , chocolate , marshmallows , candy , drinks , and popcorn . We paid and went to get our umbrella but it was missing . Some jerkface must have stole it . 

"Here . " Harry said putting his rain jacket over our heads . We ran to my cara as fast as possible and loaded up everything . Once we got into the car we were panting because of how fast we were running . 

"Well , that was fun" I said and we both just started laughing . 

We drove back to the house and loaded everything in . there were like two more things so I went out to the car to go get them . Harry came with me . So sweet .  I grabbed the whipped cream ag and he carried the popcorn bag . we went to the front porch and I put the stuff down so I can open the door . 

"Wait " he said 

"hu-" I didn't even get to finish that sentence because he grabbed me and pressed out lips together . 

I tugged at his hair slightly making him moan . he squeezed my butt making me gasp giving him the chance to slip his tongue into my mouth . Our mouths and tongue's working together . I gasped and looked up . He looked confused . I slapped him right across his face .I was angry . 

"What was that ?! " he yelled/whispered

"I remember " I said quietly


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