You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



40. Our Future


" Royal Damsels " said

"Oh , that's perfect !" Jenna said

"What made you think of that?" I asked him

"Well, Damsel is well, girl and you're all girls i'm sure . And Royal because you're our princesses" He said 

"Aww!" Jenna said kissing her cheek. 

I edited the recording and posted it to my YouTube account. 


Everyone is in their rooms , it's like what , 2 in the morning . 

Harry and I were cuddling in my bed. 

"Babe?" I said looking at Harry

"yes love?" He said looking down at me

"erm, never mind" I said nervous to ask him 

"No what is it babe?" He asked concerned

"well, I was wondering . What do you want to do erm in the future. If we're still, uh, together?" I asked nervously

"You mean when we're together" He said and I laughed

"Well, " he started . he lifted my left hand. "You see this finger?" he said pointing at my oddly triangle shaped ring finger. I nodded "Well , I want to see a beautiful diamond . But no diamond can compare to you ." He said kissing my forehead. 

"I also see us in a nice flat in England with a cat ! And little Harry Jr.'s running around!" He wants kids

I looked up at him 

"I want that too . but we are not naming our kids 'Harry Jr' !" I said to him and we both chuckled. 

"I love you L"Harry said to me

"i love you too Harry" I said reaching my head up to kiss his beautiful plump lips. 


Sorry it's short guys ! I have an idea for the next chapter and this is gonna be filler for it ! Don't get mad at me. You don't need any likes for the next update , Since this one is short , i'll do it for you guys !

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