You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



37. Oh gosh

Jennifer's POV 

This whole thing is awkward . I i know in my head , it's telling me to RUN ! and get away from that jerk as fast as possible . But another part of me is telling me to stay and to just bask in the glory that is Liam . I mean , he was my only friend when I blocked everyone out . He was my first kiss and he was my first boyfriend . But he was also the first that cheated on me . After the session he stopped in front of the door blocking my exit.

I looked straight at his chest then my eyes traveled up to his face. 

"Move" I growled at him

"No Jenny , w-"

"Don't . call. me. Jenny" I said through my teeth

"I'm sorry Jennifer , but we need to talk." He said calmy 

I couldn't take it . His presence just makes my skin crawl and my blood boil . Then I snapped " What the actual fuck Liam ? You break my heart then just waltz back into my life like it was nothing ?! HELL NO ! Fuck you ! Fu-" 

I got interrupted by his lips smashing onto mine . I felt the butterflied come out into my stomach . But then I pushed him back . Luke.

"I have a boyfriend" I said pushing him out of the way to get out . but he grabbed my arm and pulled me close . Body to body . My breath hitched and my heart stopped for a moment. Only he had the power to do this to me and he's using it against me. His hand was on my lower back and his other was caressing my cheek . My hands were fisting into his shirt.

"You probably do . A beautiful lady like you probably has men on their knees for you." I immediately start blushing "But you do know that as much as he makes you special , i'm the only one who can make you feel like this" he said 

My mouth was dry and I was speechless "like w-what ?" I said quietly. His face came to my ear and said "like this" he said finding my soft spot right below my ear making me moan. I shook my head and pushed him away from me.

"This isn't right Liam ! I have a boyfriend and i'm happy with him !" I said before opening the door .

"But you know you'll be happier with me" he said quietly . I didn't reply because it was true . i got to my little apartment and went on my bed and cried. 

I got a text from Luke . At least that brightened my day

Lukeey<3 "babe !"

Me "Babe !"

Lukeey<3 "Can you do me a favor?"

Me"uh sure"

Lukeey<3 "Open your door"

I heard a knock. Is it really him ? Am I really gonna meet him in person ?! I went downstairs and saw through the peep hole I saw the back of someone's body. His hair looked like Lukes. We skyped a lot so I recognized his hair. I opened the door. 

"luke?" i said with a quiet voice

The guy spun around to reveal Luke , my blue eyed blonde prince. He was smirking and held a bouquet of flowers in his hand and extended them out to me. I grabbed them and smelled the sweet scent of the tulips. 

"They're beautiful" I said pulling him into a hug. 

"Just like you " he said into my ear. I winced thinking of Liam.

We sat on the couch and just talked, laughed , and joked aroind. Okay a little making out. but then i decided to text L. She was my only friend here in Cali after moving from NYC . 

Me *My boyfriend is back from England !*

L *awesome , oh , you should bring him over here !*

Me *yeah cool i'll ask him*

"babe , you wanna go out and meet one of my friends at their house?" I asked luke 

"Whatever you want to do baby" I started blushing really hard . 

Me *He said yes !*

L *Okay see you in a bit !*

Me *okay then :D*


i came home from the gym . Sad and upset. I walked into the house and saw the boys from 5 sos. They're gonna open for our show soon. But one was missing . where's Luke ?

"Guys , where's Luke?" I asked

"Oh , he went to go visit his girrrrrrlfriend !" Calum said smiling

We sat on the couch and started playing truth or dare. When we heard the door bell. 

Jennifer's POV

I followed the instructions to the house and we finally got there . I door belled and Larriza opened the door . I hugged her and introduced her to Luke. 

We got in and Luke went straight to the guys like they knew eachother or something. I scanned the room and saw more guys and I stopped in my tracks when I saw him . Liam. i closed my eyeas and walked to Luke.

"Guys ! This is my girlfriend Jennifer !" Luke said 

I started blushing like crazy . when Luke pecked my cheek . But I was staring at Liam the whole time . He looked like he wanted to kill someone . Oh gosh. larriza introduced me to everyone. 

"Okay so we're playing truth or dare ! Wanna play ? " Jenna asked. 

"Uh , i don't know" I started 

"Come on babe ! Maybe after we can play truth or dare just by ourselves" Luke said in my ear giving me goose bumps. 

"let's do it !" I said .

And the game begins.

What have I gotten myself into ?


Sorry for the late update !! 

Hope you like it ! okay , I've been noticing there isn't a lot of comments anymore ;c . I love you guys but those comments like seriously inspired me to write more . So help me with that please . AND NO , i'm not just trying to get comments . Like I would look at the comments section to read all the positives you guys had to say and it brightened my day . But now it's like abandoned :| . So yeah . 154 Likes for next update :) Night guys ! 

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