You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



3. New

*Jenna's POV*


I know I hear Larriza talking but i'm not listening . I'm to busy thinking about Eduardo . He was my bo-EX-Boyfriend now ... It was love . Well I thought it was . See , he was going to another Collage as me all the way in Washington . And I was stuck here . The night before he left , I was planning on surprising him by visiting him . He lives in his own little apartment because his parents both were drunks and he couldn't stand it . I went to his house and opened the door with the spare key he got me . I set everything up then..

               * Flashback*

I got into the house and I got some candles and lit them and placed them around the living room . I put The food and dishes onto the table being super quiet because I don't know if he's here or not . Then I scatter rose petals everywhere ! It looks so romantic ! I just hope this relationship works out . I love him too much to leave him . I was just to put on some romantic music when I heard it .... *Moan*...

I'm trying to fight back the tears because It's a girls moan and I hear it coming from his bedroom . I come closer and closer to it ...Hearing it 

*Ohh baby ! Oh yeah ! Faster baby that's it ! *

my tears slowly fell down one by one . I slightly opened the door to see Eduardo in bed with one of my so called best friends Bridget . 

I sniffled a bit to signal that i'm here and Eduardo looks up with guilt in his eyes . I look at Bridget and she has a stupid smirk plastered all over her fake caked up face . 

"Je-" he started

"No Eduardo . It's okay " I'm trying to stay strong 

"huh?" Eduardo looks confused 

"No ! It's perfectly fine . I mean this wouldn't have worked out anyways ... You're going to Washington and i'm staying here . I would rather have to see you cheating on me than to hear it from another person . And quite frankly , I think you could do better than that " I said Pointing at that backstabbing bitch straddling him . 

"I'm So sorry J ... I don't know what happen . I was at the bar and thinks just took a turn ... "

I wiped my eyes .

"I forgive you eduardo " I said 

"Thanks baby "

"But I never said i'll take you back . Once a cheater , always a cheater . But we could still be friends "  I looked at him . he was broken . But he brought this upon himself . 

"Goodbye Eddy " And I left . 

I bolted towards my car and just sat inside crying my eyes out . moments later I see Eduardo and Bridget outside of his door and Eduardo pointing away screaming at Bridget . Bridget runs away . Mine and Eduardo's eyes meet for a split second before I shake my head and drive away ...

                   * End of Flashback*


I was kinda tearing up when I bumped into FLYNN RYDER ! and rapunzel whatever.

"Are you okay ?" 

"Yeah i'm fine ! " I put up my best fake smile " can I get a picture ? " 

"No problem ! " 

I held up the camera and took a picture with him

THen Larriza called me to see where i was at . When I hung up I had my phone rudely taken from my hands 

"Hey sweet thing how bout I take a picture of you and I  I heard an irish accent say 

"Do I know you ?" I said taking my phone back . great , another duchebag 

"No but I want to know you" He said . 

"Uh , No thanks " I said then I turned around . 

He kept speaking which made me turn around "The Name's Horan , Niall Horan and you are ? " He asked 

"Annoyed" I said giving him an annoyed look . 

"Come on , I could take you to my place , get to know you better " he said 

"Look here , You're jst a stupid duche bag that flirts with everybody . Nobody is going to like you . Now i'm going to count to three and if you're still here by the time i'm finished , I will mess up that pretty little face of yours . One " I started 

"W-wait look - "

"Two " I said looking more serious 

"I'm sorry " he blurted out 

"thr- huh ? " I said

"I'm usually not like this . I swear . I just saw you and I thought you were really pretty so I wanted to tlak to you . I don't really know how to talk to girls so I asked my best mate Zayn who ALWAYS gets the girls how to do it . I'm so sorry . " He apologized 

"You really thought acting like a complete Jerk would get me to like you ? " I asked chuckling

" I didn't really think about it . But Can we Please start again ? " He asked 

"Sure " I agreed 

"Hi , My name's Niall Horan From Mullingar , Ireland " He said sticking his hand out 

"Why , Hello Niall it's a pleasure to meet you , my name is Jennafer Heart from San Diego , California " I said shaking his hand . 

I took this time to take in his features . His dirty blonde hair , his retainer on his straight teeth , his blue ocean eyes , his dainty nose . I was snapped from my thoughts when my hone started ringing and I noticed our hands were still holding . I switched hands so I could hold his properly and answered the phone . It was Larriza . She was hurt but she met a new guy just like me ! 

"Let's go explore ! " Niall said jumping 

"Let's go " I said and I let his hand reach for mine which gave my stomach butterflies . 

It's nice to start new .

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