You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
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35. Jennifer

"Liam" I whispered.


Jennifer 14 years old

"Jenny !" My called . Me and her had this mother daughter bond that was practically inseparable ever since dad died . I always went to her  . I ran downstairs and hugged her.

"Welcome back from work mom" I said

"Good to be back baby" we smiled .

"Okay i have a surprise for you okay ?" I nodded . "Close your eyes" she said to me . 

I felt something cold wrap around my neck . 

"Okay , open them" she said

I opened my eyes and saw what she gave me . It's a necklace . An Owl one . I bought the exact same one because when you have matching owls , you're always looking out for the person who has the other one . I had the backs in scripted . Yours has my name and mine's has yours" she said smiling 

"Thanks mom . I'll always look out for you . No matter what . " I reassured her. 

"Okay , how about we go shopping ?" Mom suggested .

"Are you sure you're not tired mom ? You just came home from work." I questioned

"I'm  kinda tired  baby , but i'm NEVER tired for shopping" she said and I chuckled . I nodded my head and went down to the car . I took the seatbelt off the hook and put it on and turned up the radio . Mom and I like the same music . Not all that rap or punk metal . We like bands like The Fray or Cold Play. 

How to Save a Life . That was our favorite song . Mom and I always jammed out to the song .

We were on the road and the song came out






HAD I KNOWN HOW TO SAVE A LIFE !" We were singing that part on the top of our lungs . We started laughing . Next thing I know is the steering wheel goes out of control and we're flipping . Mom and I are trying to find each other throughout all of this commotion but we can't reach each other . Everything stops and there's glass everywhere . I reach my hand to reach for my mom but she's not there . I get out of the car and my breath hitches to what I saw . 

Mom .

I ran over to her with tears in my eyes

"mom" I shake her 

"mom ! Please ! don't leave me ! please ! PLEASE mom ! You have to get up now ! W-we have to go now mom please" I'm shaking her I get down to her level and cry on her . I feel a hand petting my back . 

"M-mom?" I ask 

she opens her eyes a bit

"Baby , please don't cry . It's my time now . I'm sorry baby . I'll always be with you here" she said pointing to my heart and necklace "I'll be with daddy and you'll be with us soon too baby . " Her eyes started to close a little " Please , Jenny , stay strong . I believe in you . I'm sorry" she siad taking her last breath . 

"NO ! MOM ! Please !!! no ! please " My tears are just constantly flowing out of my eyes . 

A boy a year older than me runs up to me 

"Are you okay ?! Let me call a hospital !" He called 999 and I hear the sirens come . 

Liam was his name . He became my only friend . I stayed at his house because I was an orphan ever since she died . He was with me at the hospital , at the funeral . He was a stranger that became my only one . When we were 16 , we started dating . I felt in love . The nights on the roof . Just cuddling with each other . I got a job and he got lonely . He started seeing others and I caught him . My only one , broke my heart . I moved out and bought an apartment then later moved to America . I started modeling and I never forgot about him .


 Until I met a nice guy named Luke . We met online and he has a small band. 

He's coming to America with his band for some gig with some big boyband.


I slapped Liam across the face . 

"Jennifer" he started

"I don't want to hear it . I'm here to box . Nothing else. Okay ?" I said to him 


She looked older , still as beautiful as I remembered . I remember her dying her hair purple , that was fun. Now she hates me . She only wants to box . I want a way to show her that I would never do that to her . Ever.


Sorry if this is a crappy chapter ! I was rushing sorry

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