You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



1. it started with a 'Hello'

"WAKE UP L ! " I heard someone yell

I groaned and had no choice to wake up .

"What do you want J ? It's like 3 in the morning . " I asked still trying to wake up .

"Well ...' She started handing me a some coffee from Starbucks ' I thought maybe me and you could go do something today ! " 

"Like what ? " I questioned 

"Maybe ... the happiest place on earth..." she said with a grin on her face .

"No way ? " I asked because I knew exactly where she wanted to take me ...

"DISNEYLAND !! " We both screamed in unison

"Ahhhh ! yes ! A million times YES !! "

"Okay L . Let's keep it down people are still sleeping! Now go get ready ! "

"Okay ." I replied .

Before I got ready , I went to my Journal that my grandma gave me before she died last month . I write in it everyday ! 

I flipped back to the first page it says ;

Hi There Journal ! Well , this is my first entry . So let me tell you about myself ! I'm Larriza Alice and I live in the US . Most people call me 'Lala' or 'L' just because my name is pretty difficult to say and remember :) I have natural straight Long dark hair with light ends , brown eyes , and i'm 19 years old ! I wouldn't call myself skinny or fat but Average is the word . I live with my best friend Jennafer or 'J' or Jenna . We're in our freshman year in Collage at UCSB . I think that's it for today byeeeeee ! 

                                                              -Larriza ♥


I didn't really change . i'm still the same as I wrote . 

I decided to write again today 

Hey Journal ! I'm back ! Well guess where i'm going today ? DISNEYLAND ! I haven't been there since I was 5 or 6 ! Hopefully today goes great and hey , maybe i'll buy one of those 50 dollar pens to write in you with (: 

                                                       -Larriza ^-^


I took a shower and put on my black bustier on with my galaxy high waisted skirt , gladiator sandals , a cute mustache necklace with a Union Jack on it b/c why not ? Also a empty heart ring , a infinite bracelet , matched with a crossed body bag also minnie mouse ears. I curled my hair a bit and applied my usual amount of makeup , Eyeliner , mascara , some blush , foundation , and red Lipstick today . 

As I started walking downstairs , I got to the bottom and heard Jenna say 'Girrrrrl , you look sexyy !' She said with some sass

I replied back at her saying 'mmh giirrrrrrrrrrrl , You is craaaaaaaaazy , you is lookin' smoking ! i'd tap that ' Then we both started laughing .

'Lets go ?' I asked 

'Let's do this ! " She replied .

We agreed to drive half and half the way , Me the first hour and her the second . We stopped to fill up the gas and we were off . The song 'Adorn' by Minuel came on and we were jamming out to it 

"JUST LET MY LOVE ADORN YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU " I sang at the top of my lungs we started laughing again . When it was her turn to drive I took a nap . 


I felt someone shaking me "WE'RE HERE L !"

"Awesome ! "

We got out of the car and went in . We were greeted by Mickey Mouse and took a picture with Him . We went on all the rides in Tomorrow Land and saw Donald Duck . We took a selfie with him . We were walking around Fantasy Land and I guess Jenna saw Flynn Rider . I swear , she is obsessed with him . So I decided to call her .

"Jenna ?"

"Yeah ?"

"Where you at ?"

"omhygod i'm with Flynn Rider ! "

"How am I not surprised ? " 

"haha , well i'm at the entrance of the show ! It's by the toon town entrance ! "

"Okay , i'll be there in a bit " 

"Okay bye ! " And she hung up

I started walking towards the show and I wasn't really paying attention as to how I was walking so I bumped into someone and tripped .

I looked up at the person who tripped me . He was cute ! He had brown curly hair and green beautiful eyes . 

He tried to help my up but my ankle just started to hurt . I guess I sprained it . I was standing on one foot now , looking at this beautiful boy . 

He smirked and said "Hello" and extended is arm

I melted inside because of his accent . I took breath and smiled "Hi" I extended my arm so we could shake hands.



HEY GUYS ! I hope you liked this chapter AND if you did , please support me by liking and favoriting this ! Love You ! 

Bye bby's ! -Larriza ♥




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