You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



13. ILoveYou

Larriza got severely hit in the head . Her body just shut down . So did her brain . When the paramedics arrived , she was already dead . At her reception , everyone was gonna talk . starting with Alondra 

"Larriza , remember when we danced around in starbucks when our boss wasn't looking ? Well now I know you're looking down on all of us . Be our gaurdian Angel Larriza . I love you " she said 

then Sinay 

"Larriza , We have only known eachother for a day but I just want to say I will miss you very much . Please look after us and rest in peace " she said

Then Jenna who took it the hardest

"L , you were my best friend , baby cakes , and my sister .I'm so sorry , L , this is all my fault . I know I shouldn't have taken you there . That should be me in that coffin , not you . i'm so sorry . Remember when we wwere kids and we would just mess around and play games . I knew the moment I met you you would be my best friend . I would come to you with any of my problems with my dad . I don't know how I will function without you . You were always there to stand up for me when I couldn't even stand up for myself . Now you're gone . just like that . I love you Larriza . See you later " she said smiling . 

"Is there anyone else that would like to speak on her behalf ?" Jenna asked

the doors open revealing Harry "me" he said 

He came onto the podium 

"Baby , this is all my fault . I am such a jerk . I didn't deserve you . You were so good to me and I cheated on you , and changed my number . babe , I Love you . i've never actually said those words other than my mom . I love you so so much babe . I had a surprise for you though . Babe , remember when you said I should join X-Factor , well , I did babe .And I won . ut I lost the most best thing ever , and that was losing you . I'm so sorry . I love you so Much L " he said with tears running down his cheeks .

He walked over to her coffin and kissed her lifeless , cold , lips one last time ....


















; ~ ; how sad ! I know ! HAHA i'm just kidding ! SHE'S NOT DEAD ! This chapter is just a joke ! I Promise ! I love y'all Good Night ♥


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