You Again

They met once .
set a date , to meet again ,
never gave up ,
lost contact ,
to meet once again ....
Read 'You Again' to find out more ...



24. I think


"YES ! I got my girl ! Now all I got to do is make her forget the past .I was stupid and drunk and . I don't know . I need her back ! I went to knock on her door . I heard her bead creek which meant she got  up . I heard shuffling of feet which means she's tired and lazy to get up . I heard a click of the lock which meant she unlocked it . I saw the knob turning slightly . She looked at me with red puffy eyes." Harry thought . Little did Harry know that she has actually lost her memory of the accident..


Harry's POV

"Happy to see me too huh L ? " I said . 

"Ha , you wish Curly ." Curly ? Why does she keep calling me that . I gotta admit , it's kinda cute .

"What are you doing here ?"She asked me 

"I'm bunking here for the night ." I said smiling .

"Are you kidding me ?" She said rolling my eyes . That hurt a bit .

"Wow , that's nice , I mean usually I would be greeted with a nice 'Oh hey , the most best person in the world Harry Styles is bunking with me '" 

"You're so full of yourself . You know that ? " she said glaring at me 

"Me ?" I said putting my hands to my mouth pretending to be shocked . She giggled which made me smile . 

We blew up the inflatable mattress which didn't take too long . Singing lungs ftw . 

"Make yourself comfortable " she said getting on her bed 

I layed down for a good five five minutes 

"L" I whispered

"huh ?" she responded 

"Are you sleeping?" I asked

"I don't know Harry , if i'm talking to you right now ? What do you think ?'

"So i'll take that as a yes" i said slowly

she laughed " it's a no stupid"

"let's play a game ? " I asked

"Okay " she said getting up on my bed and rolling . I mean literally rolling down to the inflatable . She rolled and her head landed on my chest..


I rolled off my bed and my head landed on Harry's firm chest . My first instinct was to poke it . Which I did making him release a chuckle . 

I got up and sat criss cross which he did too . 

"What game did you have in mind ? " I asked him .  I liked how he smiled . I liked his dimple on his left cheek . I like how he's so cheeky . I don't know yet , but I think I like him ..

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